Thursday, September 19, 2013

Has it Really Been a Year Now???

(Arrrgh You Kidding?)

Just a Reminder, today is Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!


  1. here was a reporter interviewing a retired buccaneer about his many years living at sea. As she understood it, he had lead a very long and exciting life. Trying to find an exciting story, she started the interview by asking, “So, Captain, how did you get your peg leg?”

    The Captain responded, “I got too drunk one night and broke me’ ankle. The ship doesn’t have a doctor, so we cut it off and put the leg on thar.”

    The reporter was disappointed, because she had expected a more exciting story. Not to be discouraged, she would move on to her next question, asking him how he had gotten the hook on his hand. He responded, “ ‘Twas me night to cook and I wasn’t paying attention when cuttin’ the food. Like before, we didn’t have no doctor te fix me up, so we put the hook on there.”

    Once again, the story had been less exciting than the reporter had hoped. In a final act of desperation, she asked about the path on his eye, to which he explained, “I was out on the deck lookin’ at the sea when a seagull flew overhead and its droppin’s fell clear into me eye.”

    The reporter was confused. “That’s why you wear a patch on your eye?”

    The Captain responded, “Well, I’d only had me hook for a few days!”