Saturday, September 14, 2013


Friday was downright chilly when I woke up. And, with a North wind blowing in cold Canadian air, it never improved much. Note to self: Dig out Fall jacket!

The crisp air had me thinking about bonfires and cider mills all day.

I went to Westborn at lunchtime for some veggies. I got an eggplant, a head of cauliflower and more beets. I checked to see if they had clam chowder soup, but they didn’t. What they did have, though, was their lobster bisque. So, I bought a container for my lunch. I took it home and, while the cats had their treat, I had mine. Damn, that was good, with huge chunks of lobster!

But, when I went back to work, I found out that one of the departments in my building had had a pizza party for their lunch. The smell permeated the whole office and made me hungry all over again.

When I got home after work, I moved the finished rocker to the porch. Uh, oh… The color that looked so perfect on the shed doesn’t really “match” the color of the siding when it’s right next to it. Oh well, I expect it will darken with age. The main point was that I saved the rocker for at least another season or two.

Inside the house, I treated the cats, changed clothes and (I hate to admit it) turned the furnace on.

Since today was payday, I spent some time paying bills online. Then I made the weekend ToDo list while I listened to the local news. When the NBC Nightly news came on, I went in the bedroom and watched it.

It ended at 7:00 p.m. and by then I was hungry. I had a lot of leftovers, well, left. But, I couldn’t get that pizza smell out of my head. So, in the end, I broke down and ordered one from the Pizza Hut down the street.

Sidebar: I blame this lack of willpower on my Brother Carl who, as you know, keeps telling me I should take some “me time.”

The pizza was great! Thanks, Carl! You were right!

I was supposed to go back to the computer and make out my shopping list. But, since I ate the pizza (well, most of it) watching TV, I decided to just keep watching TV. I watched an old Steven Segal movie. When it was over, I put the rest of the pizza in the fridge and went to bed.


  1. Chair looks good! Congratulations

  2. Thanks. Wish it was a little closer to the siding color, but oh well...