Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back at “work” so I can rest!

They always say that Labor Day marks the end of summer. I guess I never believed that until Tuesday morning. It was freakin’ cold outside! The automatic heater/air conditioner in the Volvo turned the heat on during the ride into work!!

Not only was it cold, but it was overcast and gloomy. I did my morning walk in record time, just to keep warm. I should have worn a jacket!

I went home at lunch, after a quick stop at Westborn to pick up some spinach.

It was a little warmer during my afternoon walk and the sun kept peeking out.

When I got home after work, I treated the cats and changed clothes. Then I went out and loaded 220 grit sandpaper on the orbital sander. I went over the polyurethane on the bench lightly, just to knock down some of the shine. I wiped it down with a rag, but that didn’t get the dust off completely. So, I tried a damp rag: Better, but I wish I had some tack cloths.Then I muscled it from the garage into place on the porch. I took some photos for you. 

I put the rocker into the garage. The rocker is not a “project” but just another repair job. The paint is coming off again and now the left rocker is splitting. So, I need to fix it and paint it before it can join its new friend back on the porch.

I took the trash can and a garbage bag out to the road. Then, acting on the advice of the lead restorer for the Triumph project, I cut that hose and the electrical wires (behind the connectors) on the bottom of the engine. That allowed me to roll the lift over and slide the motor off the lift and onto the bottom shelf of the baker’s cart. It can stay there until I get to it. For now, I need to strip the rest of the bike down to the frame.

But, not tonight. Tonight I was tired. So, I pulled the car in and shut everything up. I did take the time to sit on the couch, looking out the picture window and take a photo for you. I wanted to show you why I made the back short (so I didn’t wreck my view).

I had one more thing to do before I could quit for the evening. I took the grates and the drip pans off the stove, loaded them into the dishwasher and turned it on. Then I washed the stovetop, to await their return.

For dinner, I warmed up the shrimp and pasta. This time I put it on the bed of baby spinach. Hmmm… it did change the texture of the dish. As I think I said before, this is a recipe you should try (but maybe I’m just prejudiced because I love capers).

I watched taped TV until around 10:00 p.m., and then went to bed.


  1. I dig the bench a lot but maybe it's time to retire the rocker...

  2. @ Jake: No way! I think there's at least one or two more years left in that rocker!