Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tuesday’s Tale

Tuesday dawned overcast and with occasional rain threatening (are you sensing a theme here?). But, the forecast called for a bit warmer temperature.

It had rained overnight and I checked the rain gauge before I left for work.  Even though there were puddles on the road, there wasn’t enough in the gauge to even mention.

It was sprinkling again when I took my morning walk, but it never did rain during the day.

I went home at lunch. Since I had to stop at CVS, I got some chicken fried rice next door at the take-out place.

A small emergency at work late in the afternoon meant I had to stay a little late to sort it out. But, I got home by a quarter to 6:00.

I changed clothes after retrieving the trashcan and treating the cats. Then I went out to the garage. I pulled the car out momentarily so I could more easily dragged the air hose over to the other side. Then I pulled it back in. I was determined to build the baker’s cart on the other side (and keep the car parking space open).

I was beginning to add the upright supports to the baker’s cart shelves. So, I moved the saw horses outside and laid four of the uprights on them. I marked off the correct measurements on the boards with a square and a pencil. It started sprinkling again.

I moved the bike up a bit, after getting it off the center stand. But, when I tried to get it back on the center stand, I almost dropped it! Apparently, that’s another theme with me and motorcycles these days. I jerked it back towards me and scrapped it across my old skin graft. I don’t know what you know about skin grafts, but, even after some 40 years, they are still paper thin and fragile. So, I gashed the shit out of my left leg. Sigh…

I got the shelves positioned right, added some wood glue and hit the two uprights with the nail gun (only so they wouldn’t move). Then I got the drill and predrilled each hole, switched bits and screwed in 2 1/2-inch deck screws.

I went inside to dress my wound and saw it was already 7:45 PM. So, I went back outside and shut everything down.

Back inside, I warmed up the kielbasa, potatoes and sauerkraut leftovers for my dinner. I watched some TV, but went to bed at 10:00 PM.

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