Friday, August 9, 2013


It was overcast for most of the morning on Thursday, but it was warm without a lot of humidity. When the sun came out in the afternoon, it was a perfect day!

I went to Wendy’s to try their chili (despite my Brother Carl’s urging, I have never tasted it). So, while I was at it, I ordered one of their bacon cheeseburgers on the pretzel bun. Then I drove home and ate my lunch.

Hmmm… The chili was good, but I was surprised at how few beans there were. And the cheeseburger? Well, to be fair, I did buy it and then drive four miles before I ate it. So, it wasn’t piping hot. It was good and the bun was great! But I thought it was overpriced.

I got home and got changed! Tonight was the night I would finish the baker’s cart and check that bad boy off the ToDo list!

I went outside and got started. I picked it up enough to slide the step under the bottom end (using my knees, not my back). I got the big locking wheels and that’s when I discovered my newest problem.

I easily attached the other locking wheels on the bottom of the router table cart. But these were much bigger so they could take the weight. So, I couldn’t get all four holes onto the 2x4 bottom and side pieces. Sigh…

The only fix was to add 2x4 blocks to each corner. I used cut-offs instead of wasting a new board. It was not a pretty fix, but it will work. I glued each of the eight blocks and attached them with the nail gun. Then I drilled them out and screwed them on as well.

I figured it would be best if I waited until the glue dried before drilling out the holes and screwing in the bolts. So, the project was stalled.

I went in and watched the rest of the news on Channel 4. Then at 7:00 PM (when it ends), I called my Brother Carl. His daughter Hannah had posted on Facebook she was at the hospital this afternoon with Carl and I wondered what was going on.

He was still watching the news on Channel 7 (apparently they either have more news or take longer to spit it out, LOL!). Turns out it was him getting a pain blocking steroid shot directly in his spine. Hannah drove his as he had to have a driver for the procedure (been there, done that).

Of course, he had and appointment and, of course, he still was there for four hours! You gotta love hospitals (NOT!) He said he’s had these before and they didn’t last as long as the doctor’s claim. But the doctor this time told him it was a larger dose. I reminded him he no longer could try out for major league baseball after having steroid shots. He hadn’t even considered that downside, but that’s what brothers are for!

I told him I’d finally tried the chili at Wendy’s. He said it is made using the leftover hamburger meat, so that is why there is less beans than in most chili.

After we hung up, I warmed up a brat and two ears of corn for my dinner. It was excellent.

I finally watched the third episode of that PBS special on Sparta. I went to bed when it was finished.

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  1. "But I thought it was overpriced."

    That's always been my takeaway.