Monday, August 5, 2013


I woke up at the usual time on Sunday morning. As you know, I have been bitching about the cool temperatures in the past few weeks, but I must admit, they have made for great sleeping weather. And, I can keep the windows open without having the A/C kick on!

BTW, I did hear some interesting weather facts on the morning news: There were 13 days of rain in June, resulting in 6 inches of rain for the month (the average is 3 1/2 inches). That is the 9th wettest June ever in Michigan!

July had 16 days of rain, resulting in 4 inches total rainfall (the average is 3 1/3 inches). But, that means it has rained (with a measurable amount) for almost one month of days in the past two months! No wonder I haven’t had to water the lawn or gardens this year! And, no wonder so many outdoor weddings and graduation parties were affected.

I filled out the grocery shopping list after I published the Blog entry. I warmed up a couple more of those egg cups for breakfast (I am become quite enamored with both their taste and the easy way to make a quick and tasty breakfast) and downed my pills. Then I shaved, showered and got dressed. I left for my Sunday morning errands run just after 9:00 AM.

I hit Kroger’s first. I got everything on the list, but the sweet corn they had on sale. It looked like crap!

Then I stopped at ACO hardware and bought the rest of the hex-head bolts I need for the cart casters. I took all they had at Home Depot and was still 20 short.

I went to Westborn and got some good sweet corn and two Granny Smith apples.

Next, I went to Costco and picked up more coffee. I was down to five individual cups this morning and already drank two!

Finally, I went to the Post Office. Oh, oh… why was the parking lot empty? I went inside and found it now doesn’t open until noon on Sunday! Since they quit the 24/7 operation here, I have had to adjust to changing times, time and time again. (see what I did there?) I think they could have sent out a notice or letter informing me of the newest change (say, by the US Mail?)

I made a quick pit stop at the party store. They weren’t open, of course, but I bought a Sunday paper out of the box. Now, I don’t read the Sunday paper (I get more than enough news on the TV) but I needed more fuel for the charcoal starter.

Then, I went home. I unpacked the car and put away all the groceries. Then I trimmed up the sweet corn and stuck it in a stockpot. I covered it with water and weighed it down with a plate and a water-filled bowl. Then I went out front and cut the lawn with the push mower. I noticed the pink rose I had transplanted from the rear garden had bloomed again. It must like it here up front!
I took yet another photo of the brown eye Susan as well. It's just amazing!

I finished up about 12:30 PM, so I got back in the car, went to the Post Office and took care of business. On the way back home, I was surprised by how many cars were in Handy Park (a little park near my house).

Back home again, I went out back and cut all the close-in spots in the back yard with the push mower. Judging from the amount of grass clippings the mower was throwing out (both in the front yard and the back), I waited a little too long to do this chore! I got done with that about 1:40 PM, taking a few moments to pull out the dead and dying peas and green beans from the raised bed vegetable garden.

I put away the push mower, took a break and then got out the riding mower from the shed (I love my shed, LOL!). I cut the back yard. Before going back inside, I picked the three biggest straight neck yellow squash, put them in a Westborn bag and hung them on the fence for Tammy. I’m sure they will find them and I don’t want the squash to get too tough.

Note: I went out later, to lock the shed, and checked the fence.  My bag was gone, but four yellow banana peppers (I think that’s what they were) were stuck in the chain link. I took them inside. I cut the end off of one and tasted it. It was mild. So, not having anything planned currently to use them in, I sliced them into rings and stuck them in a jar of old pickle juice. I always save my pickle juice, BTW, and make refrigerator pickles out of cucumbers in it.

Then (finally) at almost 4:00 PM, I got back to work on the Baker’s Cart. I had originally sketched it out to cut out a ledge on the 2x4’s and drop the MDF panels on them. But, I asked myself, “Why?” I mean, I’d gain a 1 1/2  shelf width and depth, but that’s seemed a lot of work for a little gain and a bit stupid.

So, I cut eight 48-inch 2x4 boards for the face and 12 21-inch boards for the sides and middle brace. I put them together with glue and nails for now and will screw them together another time. So, to keep them from twisting while they dry, I glued and nailed the tops on.

And, that’s when I learned a 2’ x 4’ MDF sheet is actually 49 inches wide! WTF??? If I had known that earlier, I would have just made the shelves one inch wider (I could use the extra space). I know, I know… I should have measured first, but who would have thunk it? It makes no sense!

So, after they dry, I’ll cut off the extra inch, screw them together and then to the legs. But, right then, I was tired and more than a little annoyed. I started cleaning things up, disconnecting power to the saws and air compressor, moving the car back in front of the garage, and so on.

It was after 7:00 PM when I washed up and, to tell the truth, the last thing I felt like doing was grilling. So, I told myself it was Fate when I checked my email and found an advertisement from Pizza Hut for a large, three topping pizza and 10 boneless chicken wings.

I am embarrassed writing this now to tell you how fast I jumped on that! Gluttony is never pretty!

I put the steak and the brats back in the fridge (I had them out coming up to room temp) and just left the sweet corn in the stock pot.

By then the pizza showed up. I had previously taped three one-hour episodes on PBS about Sparta and I started watching that while eating supper. It was delicious, BTW, especially the boneless “chicken wings” (we all know they are NOT wings).

The show was fascinating and I made it through about 2 ½ hours before I fell asleep. When I next woke up, I shut off the TV and light and went to bed for real.


  1. You deserve a break once in a while...glad you enjoyed your pizza and boneless chicken wings (ok, if there not wings what are they? another mystery meat from McDonalds?)

    p.s. Flowers look great!!!!

  2. Re: Boneless Wings - I believe they are breast meat.
    Re: Flowers - Thanks!