Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Monday was another perfect day, weather-wise, in Southeast Michigan. Other than that, it was just Monday.

I drove home for lunch. Since I used up all my broccoli on the roasted shrimp and broccoli dinner on Saturday, I couldn’t make any more of the breakfast egg cups. So, I took my remaining ham chunks and turned them into ham salad sandwiches. I just added some small diced onions, celery, a chopped hard-boiled egg, mayonnaise yellow mustard, some salt and pepper. I think there’s supposed to be sweet pickle relish in there, too, but I didn’t have any. I spread the mixture on two of those sandwich thins and had an excellent leftover lunch.

On the way back to work, I was driving on Plymouth Road when the car in front of me slowly braked, so I did too. And the van next to him as well. Then it dawned on me that we were not in front of a traffic light or a stop sign. I couldn’t see any reason (especially with the van blocking my view of the sidewalk. Then the cars coming the other way stopped, too. WTF?

A car three cars in back of me started beeping their horn (of course). Then I saw a Canada goose slowly walk across the street. Then another, then another… 12 geese in all crossed the street while we sat and waited. Then we moved on.

It was like crossing the Ambassador or Blue Water bridge. Seems like we are always waiting on Canadians!

It was 81 degrees F. and sunny when I got home after work. The nice part is that the humidity was still low. Of course, nice weather like this comes with a price. It was time to water again.

So, after I treated cats, changed clothes and took the trashcan out to the road, I started my bucket brigade. I put a two-gallon bucket of water on the mailbox garden and then on every new or transplanted flowers in the English garden (14 trips in all). Then I walked out in back, got the hose and watered the newly planted grass around the shed.

I went back inside (although it was tough – it really was nice outside) and into the garage. I took a spray can of penetrating oil (whatever happened to “Liquid Wench”? I couldn’t find any.) and sprayed a lot of the nuts and bolts on the bike. I’m sure I missed many more, but it was a start.

Back inside for the night, I washed up, although you can never seem to get that smell of penetrating oil off. I watched the last of the Nightly news on Channel 4.

Then I warmed up the rest of the shrimp and broccoli for my dinner. It was good, even as leftovers. I have to remember this one!

I watched the newest taped episode of Breaking Bad and then waited a bit, reading a magazine that came in the mail today. At 10:00 p.m., I watched the live episode of Longmire. Then I went to sleep.

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