Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Monday, Monday…

It was hot and sticky on Monday. We reached the “low” overnight about 6:00 a.m. It was 67 degrees F.!

I stopped at Home Depot at lunch and then went home to eat another hot dog and more potato salad.

Walking outside in the afternoon was a trial. There had been a “slight” chance of rain this afternoon, but it never made it here…

When I got home, I had planned to do more work on the bench. There was a good breeze coming from the West, but my garage faces East. So, it was stifling out there. I think I was burnt out from the weekend, as I quickly gave up on the whole idea. I took the trashcan out to the road and, on the way back, started my Fall routine: throwing the black walnuts on the lawn over to the field. I did that until my arm was tired and still barely scratched the surface. There’s a lot of those buggers this year!

I went out back and watered the shed grass. Then I picked up the husks from yesterday’s corn roast. I went back inside and quit for the night. It was 6:20 p.m.!

I washed the beets (I only used the greens, if you remember) and stuck them in a pot of salted water. Note: I left about two inches of stems and the roots on them and cooked them whole – it’s the only way to keep the red “inside” them when cooking. I boiled them until tender (about 40 minutes).

Then I rinsed them in cold water and, wearing rubber gloves (I didn’t want red hands tomorrow), I pulled the tops and roots off. Then I slipped the skins off.  I was surprised how easily they all came off. Please note: even wearing rubber gloves, those suckers were HOT!!! I had to keep sticking them under running water to cool them enough to handle.

I quartered them, topped them with butter and salt and used them as a side for a warmed up burger. I made it a cheeseburger and added lettuce, sliced Roma tomatoes and yellow mustard to a whole-wheat sandwich thin.

The burger was moist and juicy. Excellent! But the beets? Ah, the beets… it’s been years since I ate anything but canned beets. The difference in taste and texture were amazing! I gotta try roasted beets next!!

I watched a couple of taped shows until Longmire came on. It was the last episode of the season and, of course, everything in the plot was chaotic and left up in the air. Do they think I’m so easily manipulated that I will turn in next year just to find out what happened?

I will…


  1. While passing a television, I heard it was getting hot up in the Midwest.

  2. Yeah, we're finally back to summertime (just as it ends...)