Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

Tuesday was warmer still and with a noticeable increase in humidity. But that didn’t happened until after lunch.

I went home at lunch and ate a sandwich and the last of my homemade beef and vegetable soup. I’m gonna miss that soup! I mopped the main bathroom and kitchen floors as I left, walking backwards.

My walking in the afternoon was when I discovered the heat and humidity increase.

Back home after work, I rolled in the trashcan and shut the garage door. I treated the cats, changed clothes and then went out back. I worked up the soil next to the pea support and planted two new rows of peas. I got out the watering can from the shed (did I ever tell you how much I love my shed?) and then watered the new seed rows.

I tied up the recent growth of the tomatoes as best as I could (the Big Girl plants are WAY over the trellis). I harvested a yellow summer squash and all the ripe cherry and Italian tomatoes. I still don’t have any ripe Big Girl tomatoes, though – not even a pink one!

I chatted with my neighbors a bit and Tammy gave me two fresh-picked cucumbers.

I locked the shed, watered the grass seed around it and then came inside for the night.

I cut up the yellow squash and started to saute it in butter. But this time, I tried adding sliced onions like Tammy said she does (several people at work told me they do saute summer squash with onions as well). I warmed up two of the coffee-molasses marinated pork chops for my protien. I plated both and then ate dinner.

This may sound weird, but I liked the pork shops much better tonight. I confess I took in some barbeque sauce to put on them, but I never used it. That confirms my suspicion that it was the spiciness of the Carolina dry rub pork loin that spoiled my impression of them on Sunday.

They had a nice, subtle flavor I totally missed the first time. The squash and onions were good, but I think I like straight "squash sautéed in butter" better. Still, it was a different taste.

I had a little daylight left, so I went out in the garage and got back to trying to figure out those six plugs that no longer work. I thought I had it when I found another box with a plug (it was behind a shelf) in line with the fuse box and the dead plugs. But, when I opened it up, all the wires were hot. So, stymied, I gave up for the night. It must be up in the attic somewhere and it was too hot and dark to go up there.

I watched some taped shows, trying to get my DVD recorder emptied out a little. Then I went to bed around 11:00 p.m.

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