Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hump Day (I like saying that!)

I woke up on Wednesday morning to the alarm. I checked outside and it looked as dark as midnight! Uh, oh! The morning news confirmed my fears: rain off and on all day, with warmer temperatures and higher humidity.

It was sprinkling at 10:00 AM, but I managed to squeeze my walk in.

It was raining at lunchtime, so I just went to Time Out and got a Chef’s salad. I drove from there to a favorite antique shop and spent the rest of my lunch checking things out.

It had quit raining, but was still sprinkling when I took my afternoon walk.

I got home after work and started the Wednesday night wash. You would think since I had done the weekend wash on Monday this would not be necessary, but Caley barfed on the bed again.

I changed clothes and watered the container plants in front. I check the rear kitchen window box with my finger: If its got dirt on it, I let it go. But,in front, I just look for the Impatiens to droop. This time I added Miracle-Gro fertilizer to each watering can.

I went out to fill the bird bath (not that I’ve ever seen any birds in it since I moved it up front) and saw the yellow rose I moved from out back was blooming again. I bought that in honor of my sister, Anne, as she loved yellow roses. So, it’s special to me and I took a picture for you (and me).

Then I got back to work on the baker’s cart. I put more of the 2x4 uprights on both sides. Then I put the 1x4 brace on the back. 

I was still using the nail gun to secure the pieces and them screwing them on with the deck screws. However (at last) it dawned on me I didn’t have to keep switching between the drill bit and then the deck screw star, using one drill motor. I just got out the old faithful electrical drill and used that to pre-drill and then put the screw in with the portable drill.

It was really steamy in the garage, BTW. The temperature wasn’t that high, but the humidity was killer!

I put the other brace on the side of the cart that will go against the wall and then finished the front. Turning that bad boy over to work on it made me realize I will have problems picking it upright once I have the casters on.

I took a little break to walk around outside (to ease the ache in my back) and noticed that the light outside the garage man-door was burnt out! Damn! Security concern!!

So, I got the step ladder and replaced the bulb.

Sidebar to bad guys: The man-door is non-functional. It was nailed shut before I even moved in. I put hardware cloth over the glass, and then put a four shelf bench in front of it. So, don’t even bother!

I finished up and went inside. It was almost 9:00 PM and way too late for dinner. So, I stripped and took a shower instead.

I checked the TV menu and decided nothing looked that interesting. So, I went to bed.

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