Monday, August 12, 2013

Gone Fishing!

I woke up on Sunday at the usual time. I had a cup of coffee and then filled in the rather extensive Blog entry. I warmed up the last two egg cups and had them for breakfast while I watched the news.

I threw on my shorts and t-shirt and went out back. I dragged the hose out to the front and hooked up the oscillating sprinkler to water the English garden area. Back inside, I set the timer for an hour and then ran through the usual Sunday morning chores: Pill box refilling, clock winding, plant watering, etc. I had just enough dishes left from yesterday to have a full load in the dishwasher, but I didn’t want to turn it on with the sprinkler running.

When the timer went off, I went out and turned the water off. Then I dragged the hose out back where it belongs. I didn’t roll it up, though, as I still thought I might put the grass seed down around the shed.

Instead, I went inside, shaved and showered. Then I got dressed, loaded the car and headed out to Home Depot. Once I got the bolts I needed for attaching the miter saw to its cart, I went west down Plymouth Road. I did stop at a gas station and bought a bottle of water but then I headed for Newburgh Road.


Well, ever since I read about it on the Web, I’ve wanted to try fishing in Newburgh Lake. And, I haven’t been fishing since Lake Orion, before my Mother died. So…

Newburgh Lake is the large expanse of water just before one of the dams on the Rouge River (oddly enough, the dam is on Newburgh Road – go figure!) and there are supposed to be all kinds of fish in it. There is a floating fishing pier on it at one of the sites on Hines Park and I checked it out earlier in the summer. But, you know me and my ToDo lists: I just never found the time.

But, I decided today was the day. So, I parked and walked down the to the fishing pier. 

There was a man and his son and another lady already there. He was fishing for pan fish with worms and a bobber. She was casting for something bigger. I rigged up my “never fail” Lake Orion large mouth bass lure and cast. And then cast again. And again…

There were a lot of weeds and I think I caught most of them. The floating fishing pier was hard to stand on if anybody moved (that may have been why so many other people were shore fishing). Apparently, these large mouth bass are much smarter than Lake Orion fish.

There were a lot of ducks, Canada geese and one big heron that flew over my head. The sun was intense, reflecting off the water. And standing became quite a pain in the legs.

I had a blast!

I gave up around 11:00 AM. I think next time (and there will definitely be a next time – I need to learn to take a break every now and then), I will ignore watering and Home Depot and get there much earlier.

I took Hines Park Drive back to Inkster and was amazed at all the bikers, walkers and joggers. Then I realized I only drive there on weekdays, so these were weekend people, out for exercise.

When I got home, I found my friend B___ had called, so I called him back. We filled each other in on the past week’s activities (I did finally tell him the cat bite story) and then hung up. I turned on the dishwasher (which I forgot to do before I left) and then went out to bolt on the miter saw.

When I got that done, I started to load up the banker’s cart with boxes of bike parts. Oh, oh… I loaded the shelves up. However, there doesn’t seem to be enough space to put the rest of the bike when I disassemble it. Well, many of the boxes aren’t full, so we’ll see.

I took all the cut-offs out back and, using a little diesel fuel, set them on fire in the fire pit. Then I put on the old flag, to destroy it in the approved manner.

I then put down several varieties of grass patch and/or seed around the perimeter of the shed. I used the hose to water it all down.

There was a Monarch butterfly hovering around the herb garden. So, I took a bunch of pictures. But, he never would light on anything. I picked the best of the shots to show you how big and beautiful he was. (but it still kinda sucks, LOL).

Back inside, I was getting a glass of water when the phone rang. It was Jake, with stories about their trip to Savannah. We talked a long time (moving from their trip to his work, to my work, etc.) and when we hung up, I divvied up the chili.

Then I went out and watered all the container gardens. I started the last of the weekend wash as well. And, began my housecleaning, which had suffered recently…

Sidebar: So much for my “chillin’ on Sunday idea.” Oh well, at least I got to go fishing!

About 5:00 PM, I started Sunday dinner. I cut thick slices from the two green tomatoes. I dredged them in seasoned flour, an egg wash and then into a mixture of breadcrumbs and cornmeal. I fried them in canola oil and set them on paper towels to drain. I stuck them into a warm oven while I grilled.

First, I grilled the pound of ground chuck I had left from the chili into four hamburger patties. Then I grilled a steak.

I ate the steak and a couple of the fried green tomatoes for my supper. Then I washed the kitchen floor and effectively blocked myself into my bedroom. So, I watched the end of the news.

Later, I watched my usual Sunday night shows: Mountain Man and Crossing Lines. I went outside at 11:00 PM to try and see the meteor shower, but the sky was cloudy! Damn! So, I went to bed, instead.


  1. Chili looks great! Sorry you didn't catch any "smart" fish...

  2. I took some chili into my friend Michelle in Facilities this morning. She said she loves Wendy's chili and apparently ate mine for lunch. She emailed me later and said it was a perfect match!

    I still can't get past the "crunchy" part...

    I wouldn't have minded even catching one "dumb" fish, but it was fun. Next time I'll take a folding camp stool (from my bow hunting days) so I don't get tired standing.