Saturday, August 3, 2013

Friday at last!

Friday was mostly cloudy, with more than just a hint of rain in the air, although a brief sprinkle or two was all I ever saw around here.

I forgot to mention that I picked up 15-20 plastic one-pound coffee cans from work yesterday. They had been piling up (our previous receptionist used to take and recycle them, but our current one doesn’t have recycling at her place – neither do I, for that matter). But, I decided they would make perfect containers for taking parts off the bike and labeling them with a marker to keep things straight. “If you fail to plan, plan to fail…” and all that.

I went to Time Out for lunch and then went to the nearby Foodland market, where I bought some broccoli and baby Yukon Gold potatoes. I wanted some options for tonight’s supper. I just discovered this Foodland, BTW. It’s at Farmington and Plymouth Road; a little grocery store and a bit tired. But it has one saving grace. It’s open 24/7!

When I got home from work, it still hadn’t really rained, so I debated whether or not to cut the grass. That’s when I discovered the Impatiens in the hanging baskets were wilting. So, instead of cutting grass, I watered all the container gardens, front and back, again.

I was struck by the visual difference between the front porch rail planter and the rear kitchen window box. Both have the same plants, planted at the same time and watered the same way. They also get the same amount of sunlight. But the ones in front are much more developed. Why? Is early morning sun better than afternoon? I dunno…
Front Porch Rail Planter
Back Kitchen Window Box

I went out to the vegetable garden and picked an almost overgrown yellow squash. I also noticed I’m getting a good crop of Japanese eggplant, which I bought because I couldn’t find any regular eggplant. Now my question would be: WTF do you do with Japanese eggplant?

My next-door neighbors were out, picking cucumbers. Tammy gave me three and I told her I had at least five straight neck yellow squash almost ready and to take all she wanted, as I was getting a bit tired of them. Her husband doesn’t like them (or much of any other cooked vegetables other than sweet corn and French-style green beans).

He told me they had a ton of butternut squash coming in, so be ready to take a bunch. I love them and can keep them in the garage once it’s colder until almost January, so I was happy.

I squashed a big fat green horned caterpillar and decided to dust the garden tomorrow (after the threat of rain is gone). As an aside, I was bit by four or five mosquitoes, damn their eyes!

I went back inside and it was after 7:00 PM (it was hard to tell the time without the sun). So, I took a break to fill out the shopping list for Home Depot tomorrow and Kroger’s (whenever).

As far as the Home Depot order goes, I want to build a rolling baker’s cart for the Triumph project as well as two other work carts, one for the router table and one for the chop saw.

For those you not familiar with a baker’s cart, they are something we use a lot at work. I had about 20 of them when I was in charge of building the armored Lincolns. It is a very strong iron cart (they can hold up to 1,000 pounds) with four wood shelves that we would put the disassembled interior and exterior auto parts on to keep track of them. I checked the Grainer catalog (thinking I would just buy one for this project) and found they cost over a thousand dollars! So, I’m planning on building a similar cart out of wood.

Anyway, back to dinner. I decided to go with the egg muffins my niece Deanna re-posted on Facebook. The recipe was a bit vague, but here it is in its entirety:

Egg Muffins!!! These are one of my all-time favorite & EASY meal-preps.

Spray a muffin/cupcake pan w/ non-stick spray.
Fill with ANYthing you want: ham & broccoli, chicken & carrots, spinach w/ feta & tomatoes, steak & bell peppers....whatever you have in the fridge. (Note: add all veggies RAW - they will cook to perfection during the baking process)
Mix approx 1 egg per/muffin in a blender w/ a splash of milk. Pour directly into each cup just below the rim.
Top with shredded or sliced cheeses of your choice.
Bake at 425 degrees for approx 20 min.
Let cool before removing from pan
These can be stored in your fridge for up to 3-4 days! Simply warm in the microwave for a quick breakfast on-the-go!

Okay, so, here’s how I did it:
I sprayed two six-cups muffin tins with non-stick Canola oil and turned the oven onto 425 degrees F. I cut up the remained ham slices I had into squares. I put them in the cups and then cut some of the fresh broccoli I bought at lunchtime into little florets. I put them into the cups as well. I decided I didn’t want all the ham at the bottom, so I mixed each cup up with my fingers.

Judging from the amount of “stuff” I had in the cups, I decided that one egg per cup was WAY too much. So, instead of 12 eggs, I used eight and added that “splash” of milk. The recipe never mentioned seasoning, but I added Kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper and a handful of fresh thyme I just stripped off the stems.

I put that all in a bowl and whisked it, rather than dirty my blender (I’m a bit lazy). I dumped it into each cup, about 1/4-inch below the rim. Then I topped it with shredded sharp cheddar cheese. I stuck it in the oven and set the timer for 20 minutes.

When the timer went off, I pulled them out and let them rest. They looked beautiful!

After a few minutes, when they were cool to the touch, I took one out and cut it in half for the photo op. Then I ate it. Hmmm… No bad, not bad at all. It could have used a little more pepper. However, other than that it was pretty damn good. Just to make sure, I ate four more, LOL!

I decided I’d clean up in the morning (it was getting late). I watched a little TV and then went to bed at 10:30 PM.

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