Saturday, August 24, 2013

Finally Friday

Friday was not that much cooler, but there was a noticeable and welcomed lowering of the humidity. There is a projected heat wave coming next week. Since it will be the last “official” week of Summer, I look forward to it. I still can’t figure out how Summer went by so fast!

I went home for lunch and ate a cucumber sandwich. On the way back to work, I filled up my gas tank.

The afternoon dragged, but they always do on Fridays. That last half hour seemed to take forever!

Back home, though, I jumped into action! I changed clothes after treating the cats, then went out to cut the front lawn with the push mower. But before I did, I used the bathroom and noticed those huge crows were back. This time, though, there was a ticked-off squirrel, who kept trying to chase them away. So, I took some pictures for you. Remember that these were way in the back and even the telephoto lens doesn’t do them justice. Those suckers were BIG!

Attack Squirrel

I got the grass cut. I had noticed that I had been skimpy with the mulch I put around the black walnut when I cut out all that sod. So, today I got the wheel barrow and the transfer shovel and put four more loads of mulch from the pile on Jake’s patio around the tree. I put the shovel back in the shed, got the rake and smoothed it out.

I put the rake back, locked the shed and then watered the emerging grass. Then I dragged the hose up over the north gate. I left it there so I could water the front lawn and English garden first thing on Saturday morning. Finally, I buttoned everything up and went inside for the night.

I finalized the rather extensive ToDo list and a Home Depot shopping list on the computer. By then it was 7:45 p.m., so I warmed up leftovers for dinner. My tomato pasta was still tasty, but still played hell on my beard as the mozzarella cooled and turned to string cheese. But, the beet greens more than made up for that.

Just by chance, I turned on the Friday Night fights. It turned out to be the last show for the season and the first time Mike Tyson, who is now a promoter, had a fighter there.

What was even more incredible was that at the beginning of the show, Mike Tyson walked over to Teddy Atlas, shook his hand and essentially apologized! If you are a fight fan, you would understand how amazing that was. Atlas was Tyson’s first coach, basically taking a young hoodlum off the streets and making him a world champion. But, they have not spoken in some twenty years.

That ended at around 11:30. I wasn’t tired yet, so I watched the first part of Terminator 2 (the only one of that movie series I like). When I started dozing off, I turned off the TV, opened the bedroom window and went to sleep.


  1. If thats a full size squirrel, those crows really are big!

  2. It's even crazier than that! The squirrel is 4.5 feet tall!