Friday, August 2, 2013

Can’t catch a break!

It was overcast again, but warmer and much more humid Thursday morning.

I went to the Newburgh Grill at lunch and it was sunny by then. I walked down to the CVS in that strip mall for a few items. I finished my lunch hour by driving across Joy Road and filling up the gas tank.

It stayed mostly sunny all afternoon and I was hopeful it had dried out my lawn. It really needs to be cut, but it’s been too wet on the days I had the time.

But, by the time I left work at 5:00 PM, it was overcast again. Oh well, thinks I, the grass will have dried out, anyway! I immediately got stopped by the train on Levan.  I drove like a maniac (even though I know it doesn’t work) on the expressway and even sped a little on Inkster. I was one car back when the gates started coming down (I would have run it!) So, I sat and waited for the same damn train, again…

I finally got home, treated cats (I told them they were damn lucky they lived with me, because they wouldn’t be getting treats if they lived with their Uncle Carl) and changed clothes. I was walking through the kitchen to the garage when I heard a rumble of thunder. Sure enough, it was raining!

I gave up and watched the news until 7:00 PM.  Carla called at one point and we chatted for a while. Nice to hear her voice!

Then I made dinner. I thin-sliced two medium yellow onions (hey, I like onions!). I got out the cast iron frying pan and melted some bacon grease in it. Then I sautéed the onions. Meanwhile, I took out the leftover half pound of ground sirloin (from the meatloaf episode) and formed it into a patty.

I pulled off the onions when they were done and covered them to keep warm. I cranked up the heat on the pan, turned on the stove fan, opened the kitchen window and threw my patty in the pan.

I let it get a nice crust while the smoke detector ladies screamed at me. Then I flipped it, seared it and pulled it off the heat. I plated it with the onions and topped it with a little A1 sauce. Excellent! That made up for all the frustrations of the day.

I went to bed at 10:00 PM.

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