Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back to the Grind

It was cloudy and sprinkling when I drove to work on Monday, which didn’t surprise me. But then it started raining hard, which did. If you remember, they were predicting the "possibility" of "hit or miss" showers, and that’s why I watered on Saturday/Sunday.

But it rained hard for most of the day here. No walking outside and I got wet going to the car at lunchtime. I also got wet when I stopped at Westborn for this week’s apples. I went home and had some of my vegetable beef soup that I had taken out of the freezer on Sunday.

It finally stopped raining just before I went home after work. Curious, I went out and checked the rain gauge. There was over one inch of rain in it! So, my watering on the weekend was a complete waste of time and money.

I changed clothes and then did little things to finish projects I’d started, like moving all the kitchen furniture back in from the living room (I washed the floor yesterday, remember?), emptying the dishwasher, washing the Dutch oven that had been soaking from the chili and so on.

Oh, speaking of chili, I took some into my friend Michelle in Facilities this morning. After lunch, she sent me an email with one word in an enormous font size: YUMMY!

For dinner, I warmed up the rest of the fried green tomatoes and a burger. I put American cheese on the burger and put that on one of those slim buns, with yellow mustard and thick slices of a McClure’s pickle.

I watched taped shows until it was time for Longmire. I had to stay up and see what happened! Then I went to bed.

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