Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Completely Unscientific Product Comparison

Do you remember me saying I used several types of grass seed around the shed? Well, I mainly used the kind that has the filler (sawdust? Ground paper?) and the fertilizer in it, both Scott’s and Pennington. I also used good old loose grass seed as well that I raked in.

The Scott’s has a gray-colored filler, and I used all I had left on east side and front of the shed. The green filler Pennington went on the west and rear sides. The loose seed went outside both.

Well, this was day eight of watering and the Scott’s seed was about 25% germinated, while the Pennington seed was at least 75% germinated. The loose grass seed was missing in action (I think the birds ate it).

To be fair, I think I bought the Scott’s seed last year, while I know I bought the big bag of Pennington seed this year (to fill in ruts). But the difference is striking!




  1. Pennington's will be shipping a free bag for the advertisement!!!

    Your blog has a worldwide viewing, and Pennington's stock just went up 62%

  2. Good! I could use the gift seed for all the ruts I have to fix this Fall.