Friday, August 16, 2013


What can you say about Thursday, anyway? It seems like near the end of the week, but it’s not quite Friday and not hump day, so it just sucks…

It was a bit warmer around here. It was in the 60’s when I woke up.

I did take my walk outside and saw that the open house and classic car show down the street was already starting to gear up.

I went to Meijer’s at lunch and picked up some more kitty litter, cat food and cat treats. Then I went home and had more beef vegetable soup.

The afternoon dragged, but it was finally time to go home. It was warm enough to change into my shorts and t-shirt!

I went outside and watered the grass seed.  Back inside, I opened the box that was on the porch when I got home. It was my tools! I checked them out. They certainly are different! For example, the “1/2” size has nearly an inch-wide opening. No wonder the British Empire crumbled!

I got to tonight’s task: scrubbing the tub with cleanser. It was a pain, but somebody has to do it!

I warmed up a chicken potpie for dinner. I ate it watching the taped first episode of Breaking Bad. Then I went to bed.


  1. I love that they're labeled as spanners. Do like sockets fit a std socket wrench?

  2. Yes, "pip, pip and all that rot." I spit on wrenches (only wankers use them). We Brits use spanners!!

    Also yes, (Thank God) the sockets fit perfectly on a 3/8 Craftsman drive.