Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Tuesday was hot and sticky (what else?)

I went to Time Out for lunch, for a change. Then I took a drive through Hines Park.

When I got home, I retrieved my garbage can and went into the house. I treated the cats, changed clothes and went into the garage.

On the evening news, they had mentioned a thunderstorm coming through after 6:00 PM and it sure did! Hard rain, thunder and lightning all blew in (and I do mean “blew in” – the rain was going sideways!) about 6:15. It only lasted about a half hour, but it roused a swarm of hungry mosquitoes.

I hung in there until after 7:00 PM but, starting to worry about West Nile virus, I shut the door and went inside.

I finally made my eggplant and it was great! This time I used flour, egg and Italian bread crumbs for my breading station.

I ate that watching a taped TV show, but I was tired. So, when it finished at 9:30, I went to bed.

I didn’t get much sleep, though. We had more thunderstorms during the night and the noise and flashes of lightning kept waking me up.

I went out and checked the rain gauge at 5:00 AM and we picked up over an inch of rain in total yesterday.

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