Friday, July 26, 2013


I woke up Thursday morning with the alarm. I got up to go to the bathroom, but made a quick stop to put my terrycloth robe on. It was cold!!!

Well, “chilly” might be a better term. I found out a bit later it was 56 degrees F. where I live. But in Ann Arbor, just west of me, it was 43 degrees (which is only 11 degrees above freezing on the Fahrenheit scale). Not exactly “July” weather!

I went to Home Depot before work (instead of the gas station, which I needed) and bought a real flag. I made sure it had grommets this time!

When I got to work, I found I had forgot my belt! Damn! I don’t really mind looking unkempt but, without a butt to hold my pants up, there’s a real chance this might turn horribly wrong!

I went to Best Buy at lunch and bought a DVD player/recorder. Mine crapped out a while ago. From there, I went across the street to Sears and bought a belt (whew). On the way back to work, the low gas symbol came on, so I stopped and dumped $40 US into the tank. It almost filled it up (sigh).

It did eventually get up to a high of 77 degrees. When I got home after work, I treated the cats but this time, I didn’t bother changing into shorts and t-shirt. It wasn’t that hot outside!

I had a weird, soft package in the mail and opened it up. It was a t-shirt! Huh? I checked the packing list and it was sent from South Carolina.

I should explain (or maybe I should just let you wonder, LOL!) If you are a State (like South Carolina) that doesn’t have a National League football team (like our Detroit Lions) you naturally turn to college football to fill the void. In this case, it’s the University of South Carolina Gamecocks.

So, I will wear my new shirt with pride. I’m thinking maybe at the family reunion in the Fall.

Then I began the night’s work: watering. I did all the container gardens in the front and then hauled my two-gallon bucket full of water to everything I planted or transplanted in the English garden and the mailbox garden. I was following my Brother Carl’s suggestion (he is my go-to guy for all things “English Garden”) of not worrying about them flowering, just keep them alive until next year.

But, I was amazed at the flowers on the brown-eyed Susan’s, so I took a photo for you.

I finished about 6:30 PM, and then installed my new flag. I put it on the clips (after taking off the masking tape) and stuck the newly painted pole into the holder. I felt good having a flag flying again. This one’s for you, Dad!

I went out back and watered the container gardens there. Then I got out the hose and watered the raised bed herb garden heavily, in spite of the damn mosquitoes. I came inside and it was almost 7:30 PM.

I called and talked briefly to my “other” friend, Leon. He’s doing okay and has about 2/3 of the hay he needs to keep his cattle over the winter. He’s still working on his first cutting, though (other ranchers around him are already on their second or even third cuttings). He’s been plagued by mechanical breakdowns.

I warmed up more of the spaghetti and meatballs for my dinner (I was tired and in no mood to cook). It still tasted good, though.

It was almost 9:00 PM when I turned the TV on (so much for hooking up the DVD player tonight). I watched a taped show or two, then opened the windows and went to bed.

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