Saturday, July 27, 2013


Friday was a bit warmer with a bit more humidity. But it was still more like early Fall than late July!

I went to Home Depot at lunch to buy some tie-downs for the trailer. I also got a 2x4 and, on the way out, two hot dogs for my lunch. I dropped the stuff off at home and headed back to work.

The afternoon dragged as only a Friday afternoon can, but it was eventually 5:00 PM and I was headed home. When I got there, I treated the cats and changed clothes. A hairball on the bedspread caused the weekend wash to begin early.

Yes, you heard right. I have premature laundry. There, I said it and I’m not ashamed!!

After I got caught up on the news, I went out in the garage. I remembered today at work I never greased the trailer axle. So, I put a new tube of grease in my little grease gun. Either there is a trick I forgot, or it really is just a pain in the ass, but it took more than 20 minutes to get the plunger back in!

During that messy process, the UPS truck pulled in and the driver walked up to the porch (I was sitting on the rocker, fighting with the grease gun) with a small package. I asked him to set it on the porch rail as my hands were, well, greasy.

I finally got the grease gun back together. So, I slid under the trailer, cleaned off the grease nipple and put some grease on the left side. Then I repeated the process on the right side.

Since I had left the air compressor on, I checked the air in all the tires on the car and then the trailer tires. I shut the air compressor off, closed the garage door and went inside. I washed up and then went back on the porch to get my package.

I was getting a glass of water at the kitchen window when I saw a squirrel, carrying a pine cone, jump up on the bench and began to eat it. Then I noticed the resultant debris from eating pine cones was all around the bench. Apparently, this is a new dining spot!

Squirrel Snacking Seat

Another Area Under a Pine Tree

I opened the box from Amazon. I already knew what it was. Several days ago, I had noticed that the wiper on the driver’s side headlight was splitting. Not wanting to drive all the way to the dealership in Troy, I checked with local auto parts stores, but nobody carries them. So, I went on the Internet, found them on Amazon and ordered them. I took them out and took a photo for you. That’s when I noticed they looked a little long!

I went back in the garage and checked: sure enough, they are about three inches longer. I checked my Internet order and it said 2001 Volvo S40, but the box says V70, which I think is the Volvo SUV model. Sigh…

I warmed up the rest of the marinara and meatball sauce while I boiled a half of a box of spaghetti. I put the two together and had a great dinner.

I started watching a John Wayne movie I had never seen before (and never even heard of) called Island in the Sky. It was about a plane crash in Alaska. But it didn’t hold my attention and I dozed off before it finished at 10:00. I woke back up around 11:00, shut off the TV, opened the window and went to bed.

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