Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Monday, Monday…

Monday morning was overcast, with occasional sprinkles. But, in spite of that, it was a near perfect day, not too hot, not to humid. And, the sun came out in the afternoon.

I need to buy a new charcoal starter. My old one is falling apart. I did my research and found that, according to America’s Test Kitchen anyway, the Weber Rapid Fire Charcoal Starter was the best. I Googled it and it said they were sold, among other places, at Home Depot. So, I went there at lunch.

I did find one like my old one but the Weber one was nowhere to be found. So, I asked a store guy and, you guessed it, it was available online only. Sigh…

When I got home after work, I found the ones for sale on Amazon were cheaper than the ones on the Home Depot website, so I ordered one from there. Still, shipping costs were about half what the damn thing cost (which is why I wanted to buy it in a brick and mortar store).

I watered the container gardens, front and back, as the sprinkles didn’t even show up in the rain gauge. I also watered the mailbox garden, because there is a decided lack of real dirt under the Shasta daisies. I took the trashcan out to the road.

While I was out front, I took down my flag. It had ripped off the flagpole at one of the grommets. I took it inside to burn next time I have a fire in the fire pit.

I went out and checked the vegetable garden. I found four Japanese eggplants growing. I also found three yellow squash that were ready to pick, so I did. I have a lot of green tomatoes, but no more red ones. And, I have a lot of green pepper blooms, but no fruit, yet.

Back inside, I washed the main bathroom floor (something I didn’t do on Sunday). Then I watched the rest of the news until 7:00 PM.

I sautéed the squash in butter and ate that for my supper. Delicious!

I cleaned up the kitchen and then washed the floor.  I left the WetJet leaning across the hallway so I didn’t forget and walk on the floor before it was dry.

I watched Mountain Man (again) and then the latest taped episode of Crossing Lines. Then I went to bed.

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