Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Monday, Monday…

The weather was brutal on Monday. It was hot and humid and it felt like it was hard to take a breath at times!

I went home at lunch. I ate a brat and some potato salad.

Of course, it doesn’t get hot and humid in Michigan without the chance of pop-up thunderstorms. It started raining on my way home at 5:00 PM.

I parked outside (and out of the dirt) and ran inside. I dragged the garbage can out to the road (I’ll take the cardboard box out in the morning – no sense in getting it soaked). Then I ran out and opened the gates to the back yard.

I wanted to start work on the trailer as I’d like to use it this weekend. I was going to pull the car out back and hook it up. I don’t want to make any more ruts, though. So, I just rolled it by hand up front and then into the garage. I shut the gate and went inside to change my very wet clothes!

Back at work on the trailer, i checked the tires first. Then I cleaned it up and put on the sides. This time I drilled them out and bolted them on.

Meanwhile, the rain came down in buckets, with loud thunder and bright lightning. It didn’t bring much relief to the air, though, at least not in the garage. And, it drove the mosquitoes into the garage!

I worked out there until after 8:00 PM, then I shut everything up and went in for the night. I warmed up two burgers and some of the mushroom mix. I again went with Dijon mustard and melted provolone cheese on a sandwich thin. It is an excellent combination and I highly recommend you try it!

I watched a little TV, but was asleep by 10:00 PM.

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