Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It Didn’t Rain All Day!

It was, however, overcast and cool. But, both my walks were taken outside for a change.

I went home at lunch and ate some of my leftover chicken and rice.

When I went home at 5:00 PM, I had a cup of coffee while watching the news for a bit (until after the extended forecast was over. Then I went and worked in the garage.

I quit for the night at 7:45 PM. I warmed up two hamburgers for my supper. Now, as you know, I do like hamburgers, I just don’t like the big fat buns. In the past, if you remember, I have tried such substitutes as English muffins. But, Jake told me about something new they tried called “sandwich thins.” So, I bought some at Kroger’s the last time I went. And tonight I tried them.

Unfortunately, they only came in whole wheat (my last-favorite bread). But, they are so thin (really) that it didn’t matter! I put American cheese on the warmed up burgers and added lettuce, onion and yellow mustard. They were delicious, with none of that “way too much bread” thing. Excellent! Thanks!!

I watched a taped movie and went to bed at 10:30.


  1. The sandwich thins work nicely as hotdog/brat buns, too. Might have to bite off an inch of so of bunless meat but much better I think.

  2. Interesting! I'll have to try that as well. Thanks!!