Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I’m just sittin’ here watching the wheels go round and round…

Well, as you probably could tell, both from the previous post and the date stamp on Monday’s post, my inability to fall asleep Monday night resulted in me oversleeping Tuesday morning. I woke up an hour late!

Worse yet, when I went to change the bandage on my cat bite, I happened to press on my finger before putting the bandage on and a lot of yellow pus came out! Gross!

The morning was still a bit cool, but Tuesday warmed up to be a beautiful day!

The infection worried me. Okay it worried me a lot! Now, normally, something like that would fall into the ‘suck it up” category. But after that whole spinal fusion thing, I was admittedly scared.

So, at lunch, I drove over to the Urgent Care facility on Schoolcraft. I wanted somebody to give me a shot of antibiotic. I’d never been there before, but figured it was a whole lot closer and a whole lot easier than driving all the way out to Richmond to see my doctor. But, there was probably 25 people already waiting! I gave up, got back in the car and went home for lunch (which turned out to be a ham sandwich, a pickle and some chips). I redressed the wound and, sure enough, it was still oozing.

I thought about various options in the afternoon and then left at 4:00 PM. I drove over to St. Mary Mercy hospital’s Emergency Room. I went there, not because I thought it was an “emergency” but because I am pre-registered there. Because I use them for all my lab work and I’ve been to their Emergency Room once or twice in the past for emergencies, I have a card with a number on it. That way I don’t have endless forms to fill out, have to remember what pills I take or what date I had my gall bladder out. I don’t even show them my insurance card! So, I thought it would be a quick in-and-out visit.

I was wrong…

I got right in, alright, but I was required to fill out an animal bite report before they would treat me. That made me uneasy (one of the questions was “Did I preserved the animal’s head!”). Then I went into their triage section and hopped up on a bed. I talked with a very lovely, if very young, woman doctor. I apologized for using the Emergency Room for a non-emergency. But after she removed the bandage and lightly pressed on my finger, she said it was a good thing I came in.

She sent a swab of the pus to the lab and said they would need blood work and x-rays done. I asked about the x-ray thing and she explained they had to make sure there wasn’t anything foreign left in the wound (which, BTW is less than a 1/4-inch little slit). She also said I might have to stay in the hospital a few days, depending on the test results!

I asked if Scruffy would have to be quarantined, (something I hadn’t thought of before), and she said that would be up to Animal Control. So, I sat there and fretted while I waited.

Eventually, a nurse came in and drew blood and left a needle in my arm for an I.V. Then they wheeled me down to x-ray. They took me back to a different place and a different male nurse took my vitals again. His oxygen sensor thing (the one they clamp on your finger) didn’t work so he had to get another machine. He did and it worked, so he said, “Well, you’re alive!” I said, “Good, because if I was dead and you were an angel, I was gonna complain. You don’t look anything like I expected for an angel.”

Finally another doctor came in and said they were going to give me an intravenous antibiotic, called Unasyn, which they did. While I waited for that to drip through, I thought of various scenarios for poor Scruffy.

Perhaps a rally outside the Animal Shelter, with t-shirts and signs that said “Free Scruffy” or “Lock up criminals, not cats!” Or, maybe a standoff at the house (You’ll never take us alive!) but I wasn’t sure what kind of ordinance they issue Animal Control officers.

Finally, I decided on the old switch-a-roo. I’d hand over Caley and say she was named Scruffy. Then when the 10 days were up, I’d call there and say I was too traumatized and they would have to just keep “Scruffy.” Two problems solved at once!

Can you tell I was bored (and hungry)?   

The IV finally ran out and they came back. I had a prescription to get filled and I have to see a hand specialist (though I’m not sure why) first thing Wednesday morning. Well, I have to call and make an appointment first thing in the morning. When I see him is probably a different matter.

I left there at 7:00 PM. I stopped at CVS and waited for the prescription. I got home just before 8:00, dragged in the trashcan and treated the cats.

I warmed up more meatloaf and another baked potato and ate a late supper. I watched a taped TV show to take my mind off things and then went to bed.


  1. So you got home and treated Scruffy for having you sit in pain at the ER and for the $1500 bill you will be getting shortly. Good job John. Such a good Daddy

  2. Yes, I suppose it was stupid, but I forgave him. I can't wait for the bill! Thanks for reminding me...