Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hump Day

It was brutally hot and humid Wednesday, AGAIN! But, they did say on the morning news that over 43 States in the US are supposed to have temperatures in the 90’s today, so I guess here’s no point in complaining. But, I probably still will! 

I watered the front container gardens before I left for work.

I went to the Time Out for lunch and had a Buffalo Chicken Salad with Ranch dressing. It was excellent, BTW. From there I went to an auto parts store and bought a new plug for the trailer.

It didn’t rain in the afternoon (a least not around here). When I got home, I treated the cats and then went in to change clothes. Damn! Another hairball was on the bed! The Wednesday night wash thus expanded into two loads. So, I started the first load.

I had noticed a few days ago from the kitchen window that the tomatoes were now higher than the tallest rail on the trellis, so I went out to tie them up. The whole garden was HUGE! I guess the heat, humidity and, especially all the rain, are the cause. I got the tomatoes tied up and then spotted two ripe cherry tomatoes. I ate them! Then I noticed I had two yellow straight neck squash ready. I picked them. I also had a LOT of sugar peas ready. I ate them (I love new raw peas). I also had a handful of green beans (I would have had a lot more, but I ate them earlier in the season). I picked those.

I went back inside. I put the first load of laundry into the dryer and started the second load: the bedspread and all the towels.

Then I went out to work on the trailer. The first problem was that I couldn’t find my soldering iron or solder. Oh, well, it was a cheap, Chinese-built trailer – maybe the wires were connected with wire nuts. So, I cut into the wire bundle that was wrapped with electrician’s tape. Sure enough, there were little wire nuts. But, the wires were all falling apart! And, where they branched off, further back in the makeshift "wiring harness,"  the wiring was broken and falling apart as well.

I was rethinking that “I must have cut the plug with the mower or string line trimmer” theory. The wires were broken in any place they joined. Damn! My Mother was right to refrain from buying anything from China. She based this on their treatment of Catholic missionaries. I am now basing it on shoddy materials and workmanship.

Sidebar: Now that I think about it, can anyone explain my Mother’s frequent exhortation when I was a child to “eat your dinner, there are children starving in China!” Did that mean if I ate everything on my plate, they wouldn’t be starving? Was I the cause of their famine? Just how did I eating MY dinner help THEM? I never could figure that one out…

It appeared that I will have to rewire the whole damn trailer (and I don’t have any wire that size, much less in four colors). I gave up on the project (and the heat in the garage) for the time being and went back inside.

Sidebar: Now I’m worried about the taillight/stoplight fixtures themselves and the sidelights. This cheap trailer could prove to be quite expensive!

I sliced up both squash and sautéed them in butter.  When they had some color on them and had softened, I pulled them off. That was my supper and it was perfect!

I ate the beans raw as snacks during my television watching. I went to bed just after 10:00 PM.


  1. See, if you would have listened to your mother (i.e. Don't buy anything from China and Eat everything on your plate.) you would not have had the problem with the wiring and you would have been very very fat. just saying

    p.s. planted yellow crookneck squash and green beans and my little friend ate them down to the dirt....

  2. Well, perhaps I didn't listen to her Chinese wisdom as I didn't quite understand it (see post). But I did listen enough about cleaning my plate to get Type 2 Diabetes later in life!

    Re: Your little friend. Ever look at live traps? Jake and Carla used them successfully when they lived up here in Westland.

  3. My favourite Chinese Grandma story is when we went to some American Indian event where they gave everyone a cobalt blue mug. On the bottom in bright yellow was a "Made in China" stamp. Being rather young but still knowing Grandma's China stance, I recall finding that if one rubbed hard enough, one could remove the stamp. I showed you and we spent some time rubbing off all the China stamps on everyone's mug in our party. Good times.