Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hump Day

It was hot and sticky on Wednesday, too. But, it was supposed to be the last day like that for a while.

I had to go to our old Building 50 before lunch. I went in the East Lobby and took the elevator to the second floor. Naturally, my badge no longer worked, so I ended up going back downstairs and walking though the shop to try and get upstairs to the Trim Shop. It wasn’t as hot as it used to be when the paint booth, with its ovens, was there, but it was definitely stifling! And, I forgot just how long a walk that could be.

I had to go to CVS, so I grabbed some fried rice next door for lunch.

It rained here about 2:00 PM for about a half hour, but the wicked storms we were warned about stayed to our south. The long-awaited cold front moved through and it was noticeably cooler and less humid after work.

It was still too wet to cut the lawn, though. So, I worked in the garage. I noticed the light was fading, so I quit for the night and went inside. I was surprised so see that it was 8:45 PM!

I warmed up the rest of that three-ingredient pasta for my dinner.

I watched one taped show and went to bed around 10:30 PM.

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