Saturday, July 6, 2013

Friday (though it felt like Monday)

I woke up to the alarm and went to work. I didn’t want to go to work, but I did…

When I pulled out of the driveway, I noticed a very long, very dead branch had fallen from the dying maple tree out front. Long time readers may remember I paid a tree guy to trim the dead branches off it a few years back, even though it’s not really on my property, fearing for my electric wires.

The day went downhill from there. I stopped at the bank to get some cash for the coming week (it was payday) and the ATM rejected my card, saying it was expired! I looked and sure enough, it was, as of July 1!

What the hell happened to its replacement?

So, I called the bank after 9:00 AM and explained the situation. I told them I did NOT want another card sent with the same number, as the replacement one they said they sent never arrived (or I mistakenly threw it away). I wanted a new card with another number. They said I could go into the bank and get a temporary one, but I said if I needed to go to the bank for money, I’d just cash a check. I don’t want extra debit cards floating around! Security concern!!

It was overcast and muggy for most of the morning, but the sun eventually broke out. Then it was sunny and muggy. As usual, there was the “threat” of pop-up thunderstorm today (and for the next five days as well). But, it never did rain here. Did I mention it was muggy?

I went to Home Depot at noon (where else?) and then went home. I ate the last of the grilled smoked sausage for my lunch.

It was yet another slow day at work, so they sent us home at 4:00 PM, except for one person on the Help Desk. There’s a funny story regarding that, but I don’t want to get into it here.

I changed my clothes and went out to attend to that branch. I pulled it loose from the tangle of branches it lodged in, but it fell on top my bush! It was too heavy for me to deal with it, so I cut it into sections with my bow saw and put it on the brush pile under the neighboring tree.

While I was out front, I saw a sad sight. Apparently, a robin had flown into the picture window and killed itself today. At least, it wasn’t there last night when I went out to watch the fireworks. I used the shovel to move him to the field next door.

One of the things I bought at Home Depot was four “C” batteries. I needed to power up the singing Big Mouth Bass that Jyl and Jeremy had given me years ago and I had hung in the garage. It has been silent for too long a time. So, back in the garage, I cut a board to fit the studs in the shed. I screwed it in place and then hung up the Big Mouth Bass plaque after replacing the batteries. I pushed the button and it sang to me, “Don’t worry, be happy!”  And I was.

For dinner, I warmed up two burgers. I used the sandwich thins, some lettuce, two slices of onion, and two slices of that heritage tomato along with yellow mustard to dress them up. They were delicious!

I watched some lame TV shows, but gave it up a 10:00 PM and went to bed. I would have written “went to sleep” but the firework frenzy continued…

I apparently live in a very, very patriotic community!

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