Saturday, July 13, 2013

Finally Friday

Friday was yet another picture perfect day in Southeast Michigan. But, of course, being Michigan, and being July, this won’t last… We are supposed to have highs in the 90's and lows still in the 70's all next week!

I heard on the morning news that gasoline prices have jumped up 30 cents since I last bought gas and are expected to go over $4.00 a gallon within days. So, I stopped and filled my tank on the way into work. Sure enough, I paid $3.95 a gallon for mid-grade!

I went home at lunchtime (after a quick stop at Home Depot for more sandpaper).

When I got home after work, I had a voicemail from DTE. They said the problem was a burnt transformer (my first and only guess) and that 64 households were affected. They also said power had been restored Thursday night at 10:00 PM and I should call them if I had any problems today. Nice to get feedback. I wish Brighthouse did that!

I also had a voicemail from Melissa, who had called yesterday during the power outage. She said she’d try back over the weekend. Sorry!

I changed clothes and went out to work in the garage. This time I pulled the car out first to try and keep the sawdust off it. See, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

I worked until about 8:30 PM. Then I came in and took a rinse off shower. I warmed up the chicken fried rice and ate that for dinner. I watched a taped DIY show and then went to bed before 10:00 PM.

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