Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tuesday's Trials

Tuesday was much, much cooler and less humid, more my kind of day! I got the garbage can out to the road and drove to work with the window down.

I just went to Time Out for lunch (hey, it’s a lot cheaper than going to Home Depot). I ordered a weird-sounding sub: grilled ham and cheese, with tomatoes and lettuce. Why was that weird? Because they put tartar sauce on it! I just had to try it. It may have sounded weird, but it tasted pretty good.

I had about a half hour left of lunch time, so I took a relaxing drive through Hines Park. I needed to relax a bit. Sometimes at work, I feel like I am just one dumbass away from completely losing it.

When I pulled in the driveway after work, I thought they had finished painting the shed. I got in the garbage can, treated the cats, changed clothes and went out to take photos for you.

My first clue that all was not well was that there was still masking tape up. I took two photos and went to take one of the back. It wasn’t finished! WTF?

My neighbor called me over to the fence and explained what the problem was. They ran out of paint! They even scraped the can to get the third side done and not lose the wet edge.

I was confused as the guy at Sherman Williams assured me one gallon would be enough. Luckily, the dry weather is supposed to hold, so I told Rick I’d get another can at lunch on Wednesday and leave it in the shed. Sidebar: That groan you just heard was me, as a gallon of that paint costs $50.00!

Discouraged, I went and got the two six-foot shelves and put them up. My shoulder was hurting again, but I got them up and took a photo for you. That’s when I noticed problem #2. I put up the shelf supports for the two shelves first, and then put up the one over the workbench, based on the pegboard height.

But, now that they were all up, they looked dumb as the six foot top shelf was two inches higher than the four-foot one. They are less than two feet apart, so it was very noticeable. In fact, it looked stupid. (Did you hear another groan?) So, I bit the bullet and took down the six foot upper shelf, repositioned it with the level, and screwed it back up.

Since there are three screws per bracket, and ten brackets, I had screwed in 30 3/4-inch screws to attach the shelves to the brackets. Then I unscrewed 15 2-inch screws, repositioned a six-foot shelf, holding it up with one hand and screwing back in the 15 2-inch screws. I had to finish the last three brackets with my left hand, as the shelf was seven feet high and that cordless screwdriver and battery was getting heavy!

I went inside and it was already 7:15 PM. Another night of NOT cleaning the house… And, my belated Father’s Day dinner seemed like too much work again…

But, all the leftovers were gone. So I sautéed a diced yellow onion, then added a can of roast beef hash to the skillet. I ate that while watching Longmire. Then I went to bed.

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