Friday, June 28, 2013


It was overcast and a tad cooler on Wednesday. I needed some achiote seeds (to make achiote oil, of course) for the weekend, so I decided to go to the Mexican market Jake had told me about a while back. It’s called Dos Hermanos Market and its in Westland on Ford Road. He sent me a text regarding its location, so I checked it out on the web. They don’t have a website, but they did have several reviews.

Reviews for a grocery store? Well, this is an unusual grocery store in that they also have a very small (10-15 tables/booths at the most) restaurant attached to it. According to the reviews, the authentic food rivals the best restaurants in the Mexican section of Detroit.

Since I was going there anyway, I asked Vicky if her Mother needed anything. She said she wanted to come and check it out. Michelle wanted to join us as well, so off we went at lunchtime.

Note: It’s a very little place and you could drive right by it if you weren’t looking for it. And, you have to park in back, but it’s a very little parking lot and there were no parking places left! So, I kinda left the ass end of the car hanging out into the side street (there’s no parking on the side street or on Ford Road for that matter).

Vicky was a godsend as she could tell them what I wanted. And, when the clerk couldn’t find any achiote, Vicky searched and finally found some. She grabbed me a can of pigeon peas as well. She wasn’t impressed with the freshness of their plantains, though, so she didn’t buy anything.

Meanwhile, Michelle had snagged a booth. I paid for my groceries and joined them. Michelle had some nachos, Vicky ordered a Torta Del Pollo (one of the sandwiches that Evy, her mother had sent me before, but this one had beans on it as well). I, of course, ordered beef enchiladas.

Michelle and I both had water to drink, while Vicky ordered something called ‘Fresh Water.” I asked what that was and she said it’s rice water with various additions. She chose the one that had cinnamon and sugar. It’s made in a machine I could see in the kitchen. She said we had to try it, so she asked for three straws. It was actually quite good!

The enchiladas were over the top, probably the best I ever had. And, I ate all three, the rice and the beans! Vicky’s sandwich and Michelle’s nachos were huge, so they both only ate half and took the rest back to work.

When I was leaving for home, Vicky asked if I wanted the other half of her sandwich for my dinner. So, I said sure. She warned me it had avocados on it (I didn’t eat the ones with her Mother’s sandwich, as I am not that fond of avocados). So, I had my dinner!

It was sprinkling on the way home. I stopped at O’Rielly’s as I noticed my right front turn signal was out.

When I got home, I treated the cats, and turned on the TV while I changed my clothes. The weather radio was blaring a warning and then the Emergency Warning System on the TV went off. Both were warning about a severe thunderstorm moving my way. It was supposed to hit Redford at 5:35 PM, with winds up to 70 MPH. I looked outside and it was sprinkling with almost no wind.

But, hit it did. The rain came down in buckets and it was windy, but I never saw 70 MPH winds here. The thunder and lightning were impressive, though.

I went out and opened the garage door. The storm had cooled down the temperature and it was quite pleasant to work out there and occasionally watch the storm.

By 6:30 PM, it had slowed to a drizzle. I finally closed up shop at about 7:45 and went inside. Since it was cooler, this was the first day I didn’t need to take a shower. I warmed up my sandwich and ate my dinner (avocados and all) checking out the TV offerings for tonight. Not much… I ended up watching a few taped DIY shows. BTW, Evy's sandwich was better - maybe because I didn't put avocados on it, lol!

The sun came out around 8:30 PM! I started dozing about 9:30, so I turned off the TV and turned in.

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