Friday, June 21, 2013


Thursday was another gorgeous day, albeit a bit hotter.

I went to the Newburgh Grille at lunch to satisfy another craving I’ve been having: a Greek Salad. I got the “small” one (because I know better) and still couldn’t finish it.

Then I took another relaxing drive through Hines Park. I decided I was like a toilet seat: I can only take one asshole at a time…

The afternoon dragged, but it was finally 5:00 PM and I headed home.

When I got there, I ran through the usual routines and then went outside to check out the shed. It was finished! They not only had the painting done, but the gutters were up. They even put the almond-colored door gaskets back up. I was thrilled! It was great to see what was just a concept come to fruition.

Now, before you ask, why put gutters on just a shed? Well, let me tell you. The slab is under the big maple out back and so has very little grass around it. It’s mostly just dirt. So, after they first put it up, it had rained and the rain splashing on the dirt splattered all over the outside walls. I noticed that, but didn’t really think about it. However, when they were starting to paint, they had to wire brush all the mud off the T1-11, especially in the grooves. What’s the point of having an almond-colored shed if the bottom two feet are always covered with mud?

So, I asked Rick to put up gutters and point the rainfall towards the fence. See photos.

But, back to tonight’s work. First, I took all the leftover OSB and T1-11 boards out of the shed and into the garage. Well, all but one, It was too big, so I just screwed it to the wall in the shed, in case I ever need it for something or other. I also carried in all the leftover paint and painting supplies.

I took down the hangers for the extension ladder and the old stepladder. To do that, I had to first move the smoker grill, which meant moving the lawn tractor.  I told you the garage was packed!

Removing most of the screws holding up the hangers were easy, but I had to pull on out with the crowbar (the phillips head must have stripped when I installed it years ago).

I took the long level out to the shed and figured out the placement of the hangers. I screwed in the ones for the (strange) extension ladder. I hung that up and noticed it was much, much easier than the location in the garage! The garage ceiling is 10-feet high, you see.

I laid out the hangers for the aluminum stepladder and got those installed as well. I hung that up and stopped to admire my work.

I need more space to hang up garden tools (the short ones I kept behind the grill and had forgotten about). So, I used the level to mark out where it would go on the north wall. I went inside to cut the 2x4’s and was surprised to see if was almost 8:00 PM! I decided that was enough for the night. I went back out and got the level, the drill and miscellaneous stuff and then LOCKED THE SHED DOOR!!

I cleaned up and warmed up one of the leftover stuffed chicken breasts for my dinner. I watched a movie and then went to bed at 10:00 PM.


  1. Now I see the color of the house matches....Shed really came out good. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks! I am very pleased with it.