Friday, June 7, 2013


The weather on Thursday was a repeat of Wednesday and so was work.

I have been jonesing for a patty melt but wanted to get some flowers as well. So I went to Leo’s Coney Island and got my fix: a patty melt and a bowl of bean and ham soup. Then I went next door to Home Depot and bought two pots each of Shasta daisies and brown-eyed Susan.

I had enough time to drop them off at the house and treat the cats before heading back to work.

Back home after work, I again treated the cats changed my clothes and went to work outside. I got down the extension ladder and finished up caulking the shed. When I had climbed down the ladder for the last time I realized not only my knees and back were hurting (expected) but my hips hurt! That did it.

I walked over to my neighbor, who was planting more vegetables in is garden, and asked him if he had any guys who would paint my shed. He said sure, but it probably wouldn’t happen until Monday or Tuesday. I said fine. I told him I wanted all the pine painted with primer and then the trim painted brown and the shed almond, so it would be at least a two-day project. He said he’d take care of it.

It was only 7:30 PM, so I got out the push mower and cut the front lawn. Finally, I watered the porch rail planter and then went inside for the night.

I warmed up the rest of the steak and the sweet corn I had grilled for my dinner. I read my book until I fell asleep.

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