Monday, June 3, 2013


I woke up at my usual 5:30 AM. I got a cup of coffee and wrote the rather extensive Blog post. Then I watched the news for a while. Finally, I went through all the Sunday morning chores, including stripping the bed. I wasn’t going to wash the bedding, as I had just done it last Wednesday. But, I managed to spill the last of my second cup in the bed, so…

I shaved and showered and then left for the Home Depot about 10:30 AM. I mostly had a lot of looking around to do, but managed to spend $160.00, anyway. Almost all of that was for the shed (shelf brackets, primer paint, rollers, brushes and tubes of paintable silicone caulk and Liquid Nails).

I got home at noon. I treated the cats and changed clothes. I remade the bed and started the last load of laundry for this weekend. Then I headed out to finish planting. It still had not rained, so I hoped (fingers crossed) that I could cut the back lawn and caulk the shed today.

I bought some more flowers, so I planted them in that yellow watering can (that had the calla lillies) and that weird rusty pan I found in the attic.  

Then I cut the grass out in the back. It was so long, I had to cut some of it twice, just to blow away the grass clumps. But, for the first time since we mulched, I could drive everywhere on the lawn!

I went inside, put my sweet corn in water and took a nap. When I got up, it was time to grill.

I grilled the sweet corn first, then some brats and finally a steak. I sautéed a box of sliced button mushrooms in butter. When they were ready, I took half out and added in a little bottle of wine. When that reduced, I added a dab of Dijon mustard and some butter. I poured some of that on top the steak. I ate half of the steak and an ear of sweet corn.

I watched TV for a while, and then switched to reading until bedtime. 

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