Saturday, June 1, 2013

Still Rainin'

Friday was hot and sticky, again. I went to Home Depot at lunch for my plants. I ae two of their hot dogs in the car for my lunch. Then I stopped at Office Depot. Of course, it was pouring before I could get back out to the car and I got soaked! I dropped the plants off at the house and went back to work.

I was damp for about an hour or so.

It was sprinkling again when I drove home and raining harder after I changed. So, I decided to take the night off.

I did do a load of clothes. I used some smoked sausage I thawed out (from the chest freezer), my last onion in the house and some Yukon Gold potatoes to make a skillet dinner.

I watched some taped TV shows and then read a bit before going to bed early.

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