Sunday, June 9, 2013


I woke up at 2:00 AM on Saturday, but managed to fall back asleep. I woke up for real at 6:00 AM. I stripped the bed and started a load of laundry. I also ran the dishwasher. It was not quite full, but I was running out of dinner plates and silverware.

I watched the morning news but had to stop at 8:00 AM. The normal national news was not on, just a special edition of the French Open. I used to like to play tennis, back in my hippy days, (I even had a racket, although I don’t know what happened to it) but I never learned the scoring stuff, so it’s not all that interesting to me. Besides, it was Serena Williams versus Maria Sharapova. Serena won, which I thought was cool, not only because she is an American, but Sharapova makes these loud, weird grunting noises  when she hits the ball. I did think Sharapova might be interesting in bed because of that fact, but it was just a passing thought and I turned the TV off.

So, I made breakfast (soft boiled eggs) and reviewed my shopping list. I shaved, showered, dressed, and then headed out to Home Depot. I bought a shit-load of wood (both for the shed and for the next woodworking project) and a variety of ancillary items.

I tied down the trunk (I had the back seats folded down) and headed carefully for home. I left the car outside and swept the garage floor. Then I unloaded the wood. I set up my saws in the open bay of the garage and got started on the first item: a small workbench for the shed. I figure it could be useful in a variety of ways, like a potting bench, doing repairs on the equipment and so on.

I got everything done except for attaching the top, the shelf and the trim boards when I ran out of Elmer’s glue. Damn! So, I brushed off as much of the sawdust on me as I could and went back to Home Depot. Then I went back home, ignoring the tempting smells of the hot dogs (I was proud of myself for that, BTW – I was hungry). I got home at 1:45 PM.

Then I got back to work. I decided it would be lighter (so easier on my poor back) if I carried it out to the shed as is and finished it there, so that’s what I did. Which meant I had to finish it with a hammer and nails instead of the air compressor and the nail gun. I know, I know, I could have just moved the air compressor but it’s not that light, either.

So, that’s what I did. But, I would caution you, I didn’t trim out the front. I put the shelf the top and the backsplash on and went inside to pee. It was 4:30 PM and I was damned tired, so I decided that, instead of finishing it, I would take a nap. I took a photo for you and then went to bed…

I woke up after 6:00 PM! So, it was time to think about dinner, I suppose. On the other hand, I “suppose” I should have given that some thought earlier in the day! So, I checked both freezer and pantry. I came up with a frozen pound of ground chuck, a can of Manwich and sourdough bread. I went to the party store nearby and picked up a bag of chips (Better Made, of course), a small tub of Country Fresh chip dip and a small (but rather expensive) jar of Vlasic Kosher Dills (Baby Wholes).

I thawed the ground chuck in the frying pan and, when it was browned and drained, added in the Manwich. I made up a sandwich, added some chips, chip dip and several pickles to my plate and then ate my dinner. Rather unremarkable, but filling.

I cleaned up the mess and put away the leftovers. It was after 8:00 PM, so I did some channel surfing. I saw that Anthony Bourdain has a new series on CNN so I watched what was left of one of his repeats and then began another. I guess the new episodes come on Sunday nights.

I dozed off before it ended, though. When I woke up for a bathroom break, I shut everything off and went to bed for real.

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