Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rainy Days and Tuesdays…

It was still hot on Tuesday. I hustled in the morning, trying to beat the oncoming rain to work. But, I had to stop at Home Depot first. One of my 24-inch bar clamps had gone missing. So, I made a quick pit stop and had to walk into work in the light rain.

The rain did pick up and I even heard a rumble of thunder. However, it was all but stopped by the time I took my morning walk.

I thought I’d get some Chinese food at Ten Yen at lunch. The traffic light were out on Wayne Road, so it took a while to get there and when I did, they didn’t have any electricity!

Still craving ethnic food, I drove down Wayne to a Mexican restaurant (that shall remain nameless) I'd never been to but the folks at work love. I ordered beef enchiladas. My first clue this was not going to be a gourmet experience was when she brought the chips and salsa. The chips were obviously out of a bag (and not a good brand) and the salsa was exciting and chunk-free as tomato juice!

The food was just as bland. I had to ask for bottled hot sauce to try to make it even taste like Mexican food.  It didn't work. All in all, I was very disappointed! Then I had to “four-way stop” my way back to work.

I let my restaurant review be known (loudly) to my fellow employees. As far as "authentic" Mexican food, this place rated a step below Taco Bell!

I got home after work and retrieved my trashcan. I went out and checked the rain gauge, but I had less that 1/4 in of rain in it. Damn! Well, there was another chance of storms later in the evening.

I changed clothes and went out into the garage. I worked steadily (except for water and bathroom breaks) until after 7:00 PM. Then I shut that up and went out to the shed. I put eye bolts in the handles of the grass whip, the post hole digger and the broom. I figured out where I wanted them and put up nails to hang them.

Then I put a hook into a rafter and hung up the Earthway garden seed planter. I used it on Palms Road, but have no need for it here. In fact, I gave it to Sadie and Luanne, but asked for it back when I realized they did not plant a vegetable garden. It always worked well for me and I may use it again someday, somewhere.

I would have taken photos for you, but it was getting too dark by then.

I went inside and it was after 8:00 PM. I took my necessary rinse-off shower and then made dinner (beans and smoked sausage).

My daughter Melissa called to wish me a belated Father’s Day. They had been up here in Michigan for job interviews and house hunting that weekend.

She is still torn up about having to put her dog down. I felt bad for her.

I watched the taped Longmire episode and then went to bed. It was raining again with a lot more thunder and lightning this time.

Sidebar: I checked the rain gauge first thing Wednesday morning and I got another 1/2 inch of rain overnight.

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