Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays...

I woke up to a hard rain on Monday morning. It wasn’t raining when I went to bed! But, we really needed it around here. However, it presented me with a unique problem. When I returned from Kroger’s on Sunday, I pulled straight into the driveway and stepped out onto the dirt.

This morning though, to get back into the car, I would have to walk through mud that was probably over my shoe tops.  So, when I was ready for work I walked out the front door, got in the passenger side and climbed over the middle console to get into the driver’s seat. LMAO! Not being the most graceful crip as it is, I would have loved to see a video of that five-minute process. It could have gone viral!

Just before 8:00 AM, my friend Michelle from Facilities popped in and gave me a container of what she called Baked Potato Soup. I thanked her and reminded her I already have one of her containers I haven’t yet filled and returned. She said she knows it’s not soup weather, but she just felt like making it.

Best of all, my cube buddy Michelle came back from her vacation today (thank God!) It took me an hour to debrief her about events from last week and where things were at with various projects.

It was still raining hard at 10:00 AM, so it was inside, back in the shop, walking.

It was only drizzling by lunchtime, so I went to Home Depot and got another bag of potting soil and two bags of garden soil.

I did manage to get my afternoon walk done outside, dodging raindrops. I was damp by the time I was done. But, then the rain returned.

Back home after 5:00 PM, I backed the car in the driveway. I treated the cats and changed into my shorts (it was warm and muggy, of course, outside). I went back into my shed and took some measurements. Then I came back in the garage and cut some 2x4’s. I needed one for a brace in the middle of the table. I forgot it when I was building it. And some blocks and another 2x4 to extend the studs out so I didn’t have to cut the pegboard down.

I installed everything with deck screws, and then I fastened the pegboard on permanently.

I measured the face and sides of the workbench and ripped a 1x6 pine board down to four inches. I cut that to length and used glue and finish nails to attach it to the bench. Then I put that into it’s final place.

I gathered all my tools, nails and screws up and took them into the house. On the way back, I checked the rain gauge. It showed three inches of rain! Could that be right? Three inches of rain in 18 hours? I have a lot of puddles and mud in the yard, but no big lake. I decided I must have gotten some water in it when I was watering the herbs.

I moved the saws back, swept the floor, took the garbage can out to the road and finally (finally) pulled the car in the garage for the first time in two nights.

It was almost 8:00 PM and I was tired. So, I just warmed up two hot dogs and a can of grilling beans for my dinner. I watched a little TV, but went to bed by 10:00 PM.

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