Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Monday was another hot, sticky day here in Southeast Michigan, with the usual threat of storms in the afternoon as the heat caused the air to be unstable.

I went to the Newburgh Grill for lunch and had a gyro and fries. It was excellent as usual. Then I went back to work (too hot for even driving in the park) and read my book in the air conditioning.

So, when I came home, I worked inside the house for a change. I stripped the bed and threw everything in the washer. Then I cleaned the stovetop.

Next I finished vacuuming the office, bedroom and main bath. I had to keep digging cat hair out of the vacuum whenever it started to lose suction. Then I washed all the wood floors. I put the bedding in the dryer on my way out to the garage. It was around 7:30 PM.

I took the garbage can out to the road. I figured it had cooled off enough to cut the front lawn, so I did that next. Then I used the string trimmer to clean it up a bit more.

Back inside, I was damp with sweat again. Since I just made the bed up with clean sheets, I decided to take a rinse-off shower. Then I finally ate supper. I warmed up one of the Polish sausages I’d grilled. I ate that with grainy mustard and some pasta salad on the side.

I watched the Detroit fireworks on Channel 4 while reading a magazine that had come in the mail. It never did rain here, although I saw on the news here were thunderstorms in Sterling Heights. I went to bed around 11:30 PM.

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