Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Is it Fall now?

Monday morning was definitely NOT hot. In fact, it was chilly! We’ll be below average for the next few days, but I like this sort of weather.

I called for my final inspection on the shed. The woman was rather annoyed that I hadn’t called for an inspection of the slab. I told her I didn’t know I needed to do that. She snapped, “It’s right on your permit!” I admitted I didn’t read it, I just taped it up. She said, “Well, I’ll schedule you for your final inspection and he can inspect the slab at the same time. But its your fault if you don't pass!” I told her thanks.

I went to Jos. A Banks at lunch. It was the last day for one of their “Buy 1, Get 2 Free!” sales. Since their clothes are expensive, these sales are usually when I stock up. The last time, if you remember, I bought long-sleeve shirts by mistake and then found I liked them. But, my short sleeve shirts are now over a year old so I got six new ones.

I was running out of lunchtime, so I stopped at Jimmy Johns and got a turkey sandwich. I ate that at work.

Work sucks, BTW. I am covering for Michelle while she is on vacation and she does a lot of end-of-month billing, etc., so I am hustling! But, I’m keeping up (so far).

Back home after work, I took the trash out to the road and then came in, treated the cats and changed clothes (long pants, please!)

I went out and planted four straight-neck summer squash in the rear of my garden. I have to figure out how they can spread over the planter’s edge, but I want home-grown summer squash!

Then I got out the step ladder, some paintable silicone caulk and a can of almond-colored Rustoleum. I started caulking the shed. The most important place I need well-caulked is the trim above the door. The grooves cut into the T1-11 will channel water behind it and could cause wood rot over time.

While I was up there, I sprayed the Z-channel from above and below with the almond paint. I went in the back and sprayed that Z-channel, too. It will eventually get painted with the latex house paint, but I wanted it to hold the paint when it does.

I got the front caulked, except for the peak near the roof (I need a longer ladder for that). I went back inside and was amazed it was after 8:00 PM!

I ate the last of the pasta salad for dinner. Then I went to bed to watch some TV. Both my knee and my back hurt from climbing up and down the ladder and reaching (I’d guess) to caulk.

I fell asleep sometime after 9:00 PM. I woke back up to pee around 2:00 PM and shut off the TV and lights.

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