Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I owe, I owe, so back to work I go…

I really could have used one more day to this weekend. It was hot and muggy on Monday and just got worse throughout the day.

I went to Home Depot at lunch for three shelf boards, two more shelf brackets and some screws. It took too long and I couldn’t go home and drop the stuff off (and eat) so I bought a couple of hot dogs at the exit. I ate them in the car and then headed back to work.

There were thunderstorm warning for Oakland and Macomb counties at 4:00 PM. There were already bad storms in Oxford, where Michelle lives. I know because her daughter had sent her text photos of the clouds and lightening. However, the weather still held here.

I got home and got a nice surprise. A very funny Father’s Day car from Amy and her Carls.

I changed as fast as I could and hopped on the lawn tractor, hoping to get the lawn cut before any rain fell. It was hot! But, I got ‘er done! The lawn looks nice (well, “nice” if you squint your eyes, really hard). I need to get this grass cutting on a more regular basis though, so I don’t keep getting these rows of grass clippings.

Having accomplished my mission, I unloaded the car and took out the three six-foot 1x10s. I cut one of them down to four feet. Then I grabbed a coffee cup, put it upside down on one selected corner of each board and traced an arc with a pencil. I used my saber saw to cut a curve into the corners. This is preventative medicine, learned from years of painful experience. Once these are up, I don’t want to gash open my head on the corners.

I carried the four-foot one out back. First, I installed the two missing shelf brackets. Then I screwed the shelf onto the brackets.

Finally, I did what I’ve wanted to since I built it: I sanded the top of my workbench! I took it outside (so I didn’t get sawdust everywhere – like in the house) and got the 100-foot extension cord. I loaded the belt sander with fresh sandpaper and had at it!

I rounded all the edges (again for safety’s sake) and sanded the face trim as well. It looked nice! I used the blower to get all the sawdust off. Then I carried it back in. That sucker is not only solid, it’s heavy!

I coiled up the extension cord and took it and the sander back in the garage. I checked and it was 8:10 PM. I decided the other two shelves could wait.

I warmed up the last of the grilled onion sausage, roasted potatoes and sauerkraut and ate that for dinner. I watched a little TV, but went to bed at 10:00 PM.

Note: Thunder and lightning woke me up at 1:30 AM. I opened the window blinds in the bedroom and watched the storm for a while. I was grateful the rain held off as long as it did around here.

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