Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hot and Muggy Again

I woke up for good at 4:00 AM on Tuesday. I couldn’t fall back asleep, so I got up at 4:30. I figured if I was up that early, I might as well make myself a good breakfast (one does get tired of oatmeal and trail mix). So, I fried up two eggs while two pieces of sourdough bread were in the toaster. I topped the eggs with two slices of American cheese, put mayonnaise on the toast and had a great egg sandwich and a cup of coffee.

They said it was foggy out, but it wasn’t here. It was just misty and I had to use the wipers every now and then on the way to work.

It was hot and muggy by the time I took my morning walk and even hotter when I went home for lunch. I had Michelle’s Baked Potato Soup and it was excellent! Just the right amount of bacon. I have to get her recipe!!

I called State Farm regarding the shed (it had occurred to me over the weekend) and found I already had coverage for outbuildings. So, I didn’t have to add it on the policy or, worse yet, pay more.

When I got home, I changed into a new pair of shorts and a fresh t-shirt (the ones I had worn yesterday were covered with sawdust). Then I went out to work on the English Garden. I moved the mulch aside and dug three holes about two feet deep. Again I threw the old sod and dirt in the field (but this time it was heavier to carry on my plastic sheet). Then I filled in 3/4 of the new holes with my magic dirt and put a bucket of water in each.

I went out back with the wheelbarrow and a shovel. I cut back each of the roses, leaving one flower so I could tell them apart, and dug up all three roses. I made sure that none of the Honeysuckle or Virginia Creeper vines or roots were entwined on the roses (I don’t want to transplant that problem!)  Then I put the roses in the wheelbarrow and covered up the roots with dirt.

I filled in the holes in back with existing dirt and more mulch. Then I wheeled the roses up front. I planted each, filled in the rest of the holes with magic dirt and tamped them down. I put mulch back on top and then dumped another bucket of water on each rose.

I took a photo of each for you. I’m not sure if I should cut them back further or just leave them the way they are. But, even if the branches die this year, I think the roots will put out new shoots next year.

I put away the wheelbarrow and shovel, and then closed the garage door for the night. That completed the skeleton of the English garden for this year. Next year I will pick out more perennials and maybe plant some annuals. For sure, I will edge the whole thing with flat rocks (once my saving account has been replenished) and put in the flagstone walk from the front yard, around the north side and to the gate.

I went inside and it was early (LOL, it was 7:20 PM, which was early for me these days) but I was beat. I also was covered with sweat, dirt and mulch. So, I took off what a few hours ago were my clean clothes, threw them in the dirty clothes basket and took a rinse-off shower.

I made dinner from the last item in the chest freezer! So, I unplugged it and raised the lid. When everything has melted, I’ll drain it, wash and then, who knows? It was valuable back when Jake and Carla and I split a 1/4 of a cow every fall, but now I just don’t have that much I need to freeze. We’ll see…

The last thing in there was a Marie Callender’s entrée: Honey Roasted Chicken with sour cream and chive mashed potatoes and green beans. The potatoes were good, the green beans were excellent, but the chicken was a bit too sweet for my taste. Oh, BTW Carl, it was only 300 calories.

I watched the new, taped Longmire and then went to bed by 10:30 PM.


  1. Could you please post pics of the completed English garden skeleton?