Saturday, June 15, 2013

Finally Friday!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Southeast Michigan today!

I had to go to Sears at lunch to get something, so on the way back, I stopped at Ten Yen and got my usual (without ordering): Chicken Subgum, Won Ton soup, egg roll and hot tea (they have the best tea there). My fortune cookie script read: “The best angle from which to approach any problem is the TRYangle.” I liked it!

The afternoon dragged (as it always does on a Friday) but it was finally 5:00 PM and I headed home. I got on I-96 and moved along for about a mile or so, when traffic was stopped dead! WTF? So, I eased over (okay, so I “bullied” my way over, getting three horn honks and one middle finger) and got off on Farmington. Everybody else was doing the same and I got home about 5:40 PM. I normally get home about 5:10 PM, so you can see I had problems…

Note: I never did hear what the cause was… But, you seldom do…

When I pulled in, I noticed (okay, I have been watching) that the trim on the shed had been painted. But not the sides. So, it’s gonna be a three-day process. Sigh… On the bright side, at least I know he’s taking his time and doing it right.

I had a card in the mail from Carla’s Mother, wishing me a Happy Father’s Day. I will have to call her to thank her for it, as I know she doesn’t read this.

I changed clothes and then filled out my ToDo list. It seemed rather intensive for this weekend. But, around 7:00 PM, I got to it.

I went out into the garage and tried to cut all the pieces I need for the next project. I knew I had robbed from that pile to build my shed workbench. I was one four-foot piece of 1x8 short, so that went on the shopping list for tomorrow. I also took some more measurements for various shed considerations and wrote them all down. I have stacks of little notes all over the house and am in constant fear of losing one.

When I finished up for the evening, it was 8:30 PM. I was hungry, but not picky, so I cut up the last two hot dogs and warmed them up in a can of Grillin’ Beans. Camp food.

I watched some TV while I ate. But, I turned it off and went to bed early, burping.

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