Thursday, June 27, 2013

Even Camels Love Wednesday!

I saw an unsettling sight on the way into work on Wednesday. I was on Plymouth Road, west of Merriman when I noticed a guy on the right sidewalk taking a picture with his phone camera. So, I glanced to my left so see why and saw a little girl lying on the ground in front of a car at a stop street. Her bicycle was lying next to her and several people were gathered around her. One was kneeling down next to her. I assume the car was stopping, preparing to pull onto Plymouth when she came from one blind side and hit her. I hope she wasn’t hurt too bad.

I had to go to best Buy at lunch, so I went to Applebee’s and had a cup of French onion soup and half of a grilled roast beef, mushroom and bacon sandwich. I haven’t had that (or been there) in years and it was as good as I remember.

It was another hot day, but no rain this time. After work, I quickly treated cats and changed clothes. I went out back, pulled the tractor out of the shed and cut the lawn in the back yard. Then, I put the mower away. I remembered to take some photos for you, and then I locked the shed and went inside.

I went out in the garage and opened it up. I worked on my next project for a while. I finally went in at 8:10 PM. I took a shower and then ate two hot dogs watching TV. I only made it until 10:00 PM when I was tired of yawning and, well, just tired. So, I went to bed.

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