Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It was still warm and even more humid on Tuesday. I had put off buying gas for the car for over a week but the “empty” light came on the night before. So, I gassed up on the way into work. Talk about sticker shock! I paid $4.05 a gallon for mid-grade. It cast me almost $50 buck to fill my tank!

It was supposed to rain so I left the sunroof closed. I just went over to the Time Out for lunch. I had the chicken breast salad again.

It never rained all afternoon. So, once I was home after work, I gathered in the garbage can and changed clothes. I took the opportunity to cut the grass. Then I watered the raised bed herb garden. 

I worked until after 7:30 PM. I took a shower when I came in. The heat, humidity and dust from all the filled ruts demanded it! Then I called my friend B___ and my brother Carl to check in.

I ate the last two hot dogs, cut up and cooked in Bush’s baked beans for dinner.

I watched TV and check out a new cooking magazine that came in the mail today. Then I went to bed about 11:30 PM.

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