Sunday, May 19, 2013


I woke up at an amazing 8:30 AM on Saturday. I knew I was tired, but…

I fixed a cup of coffee and posted the Blog entry. It was almost 11:00 AM when I finally shaved and showered. Damn! I’m burning daylight, here!

I had just made some soft-boiled eggs for breakfast when Jake called. We chatted for a bit and hung up. Then I ate breakfast.

I headed out for the weekend errands. I went to Westborn and bought two beautiful filet mignons (I’m serious, here. The lady helping me and I went through about 12 of them, deciding on the perfect ones. I love Westborn!)

I also got eight ears of sweet corn, some heavy cream and, as an impulse buy, a tub of spinach dip and water crackers.

Then I went to the Wine Palace and bought a pint of cognac. I told the owner that I wanted something “good” but not “great” since I was using it for cooking. He recommended Courvoisier VS, so I bought that.

Back home, I put everything away and changed into my shorts. I stuck the sweet corn in a stockpot filled with water. I checked my email and had to deal with a few issues, but then headed outside.

I went back to the black walnut tree sod removal. I got another section done before my back started screaming. Note: I brought that on myself. I overloaded the wheelbarrow so I didn’t have to make too many trips! Dumb.

I took a long deserved nap. It was totally weird when I woke up. I had the Food Network on the TV when I went to sleep. When I woke up, the show Pizza Cuz (never heard of it before) was on and they were at the original Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit!

Speaking of food, I was hungry. So, I lit a piece of newspaper under the charcoal starter. When the coals were ready, I roasted the sweet corn. I pulled them off when they were done and grilled another package of hot dogs.

Back inside, I diced up a first-in-season (at least around here) Vidalia onion. I had a hot dog with mustard and onions and two ears of sweet corn for my dinner.

I went to the bathroom around midnight and the security floodlights came on. So, I watched and two young raccoons came into view. They were running around like children playing tag! Cute…

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