Sunday, May 26, 2013

Saturday, and more mulch!

Well, you can't live on butt-sitting forever. So, Saturday, I offered to help Jake with his mulch.

Note: He completely disregarded my first suggestion about having a dump truck deliver some and renting a Bobcat to spread it, BTW.

Instead, I raked out all the pine needle mulch (they use that a lot down here) along both sides of the house and bagged it. He planted grass seed in those spots. In the front we topped off his old pine bark mulch with red pine bark mulch. We guesstimated it to need three bags, but it wasn't nearly enough. What we did do looked great, though.

We had delivery pizza for dinner and did a Tarantino Movie Marathon: first Reservoir Dogs and then Django. I hadn't seen either, but I liked both a lot!

We went to bed late for a change.

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