Tuesday, May 21, 2013


In spite of being very tired Sunday night, I didn’t sleep worth a damn. I blame this on two things. After being outside most of the weekend, my allergies (if that’s what they are) went crazy and breathing was difficult. Also, I had left the bedroom window open and it was uncomfortably warm and humid in the house.

 It stayed humid all day. They predicted rain later in the evening so I left the sunroof open and windows cracked. Naturally, we had a brief, but intense rain shower about 9:30 AM. I was even more uncomfortable then after getting wet closing them.

I went home at lunchtime. Tomorrow is garbage day and I never was in a grocery store to get more kitty litter. So, I went into Meijer’s. Once home, I ate two hot dogs for lunch. I noticed Rick was about halfway finished roofing the shed. He wasn’t around then or I would have said, “Nice job!”

I got home after work and flipped on the news. I saw the first pictures of the latest tornado damage. This time it was in Moore, Oklahoma. It was still in the early stages of investigating, but there were stories of kids being trapped in schools, a yet-to-be determined number of dead, etc. Looked like a bomb went off!

I went outside to take photos of the new roof and the Bobcat hole. I realized I should have taken a “before” picture of the hole, Carl, but trust me, it was deep. So deep in fact that Jake and Carla had thrown cement blocks in the ruts to try and climb it out and they were below ground level.

I ate the other filet for dinner. Even being warmed up in the microwave didn't wreck the taste or texture of either the meat or the sauce. Fantastic!

I should have worked outside, I suppose, but I was tired. So, I putzed around inside the house (and more importantly, inside the air conditioning) until the Red Wings game came on. There was a lot of old-school roughness, but it was a fantastic game. And, we won!

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