Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Homeward Bound

Jake woke me up at 5:30 AM on Tuesday morning. I shaved, showered and had a quick cup of coffee. Then we headed out the door for the airport.

Jake dropped me off and we said our goodbyes. I got through the check-in and security screening with no problems. Since the plane didn’t leave until 8:55 AM, I had enough time for a sausage biscuit and it was excellent!

I was nervous that I’d run out of book before I ran out of air miles, so I bought another one and a bottled water. I sometimes think the most expensive part about visiting Jake and Carla is not the air fare, but the cost of the books!

I went to Charlotte on a prop plane again and I noticed I am becoming rather fond of them now. They make a nice, old-fashioned, reassuring drone.

There was nothing remarkable about either flight, except the flight to Detroit was through a lot of turbulence. In fact, they suspended serving beverages for a while because of it. Unfortunately, it was at the exact moment I was trying to walk back to the restroom. Imagine an old crip like me walking on a tilting, bouncing, narrow board: It wasn’t pretty!

I got back in the D and it wasn’t raining (like they said). Getting my luggage took forever as the luggage carousel broke! I was nervous, because I stupidly forgot to get my car keys out of the suitcase before leaving. So, I wasn’t going anywhere until I got my suitcase!

But it all worked out and I finally headed home. It started to sprinkle on the way. Knowing I had no food in the fridge (I cleaned it out before I left), I stopped and got some chicken fried rice (enough for late lunch and dinner).

The dirt pile was gone! But I stupidly parked the car just next to the garage door (I had disabled it before I left) and got out. I sank into three inches of mud! So, I tracked mud into the house. Dumb.

I got the car in and then rolled my suitcase through the muddy tire tracks. Dumber.

I let Jake and Carla know I got home okay and then dealt with the cats’ messes. Scruffy and/or Caley had expressed their displeasure on the bed and the kitchen floor. So, I cleaned that up and stripped the bed. The bedding went into the washer and I dumped all the used kitty litter into the wheelbarrow. I’ll put the litter in the horseshoe pits when it’s dry out (it was raining hard by then).

I had some fried rice and during a break in the rain went out to check on the shed. The door is on, and all that’s left is putting on the trim and bolting it to the cement pad. I took some pictures for you.

There were tornado warnings all night long and four actually touched down, but nothing around here.

After I unpacked my suitcase, I watched the news and then Quigley Down Under (a Jake suggestion). I found I had taped Longmire, BTW, so I was worried for nothing. I ate the rest of the fried rice for a late dinner and went to bed at 10:00 PM. It had been a long day…

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