Saturday, May 18, 2013

Finally Friday (I know, I keep saying that)

Sidebar: Did you know it was National Hamburger Month in America? I did not…

Moving along, it was another beautiful day in Redford. But, the wind was from the East-North-East and strong.

Now anybody who lives on the east “coast-line” of Michigan knows that an ENE wind (or “eneey” as we call them) results in a cool breeze off the lakes. But, it did reach 80 degrees here in Redford.

Speaking of the lakes, it had always bothered me that when they talk about the “Great Lakes” that they completely forget about Lake St. Clair. Now, granted, it’s shallow and not that big, but it’s out there, dammit, and has a neat history. They are still finding old Model T’s that went through the ice driving liquor from Canada during Prohibition, for example.

I went home at lunch after stopping at Kroger’s for some supplies. I also stopped at the gas station and filled up my gas can with two gallons of regular gas, Nothing was done on the shed, but I attribute that to the wind. It is a little tough to roof in the wind.

Sidebar: Back in the day, I was the cabinetmaker at Ehler’s construction. I was pulled off my job to help roof a house they were building in the winter. My job, on the tri-level house, was to sweep off the snow that was building up due to the storm that had moved in. It was a little unsettling to be standing that high above the ground, in a snowstorm, sweeping off the roof with a push broom!

So, I forgave them.

Back at home after work, I changed clothes and tried to start the lawn tractor. The battery was dead! I didn’t even bother with the charger. I put some pants on, went over to O’Reilly’s, and bought a new one. They checked and my warranty had expired (that’s where I bought the last one) so I just manned-up and bought a new one.

I put it in the tractor, filled it up with gas and headed out back. With great difficulty, I got most of it cut. The grass was almost 8-inches tall in places and I just cut it last week!

Sidebar: Avoid double fertilizing your lawn at all costs!

When I finished with that, I dragged out the push mower. I cut the front lawn and then went out back and cleaned up everything I couldn’t reach with the tractor. I almost put the push mower in the shed (with the tarpaper and shingles) but I couldn’t get past my “security concerns.”  I put the push mower back in the garage and buttoned everything up for the night.

It was 8:37 PM! I warmed up two hot dogs and a can of Bush’s Grilling beans and ate that for dinner. I watched some TV but went to sleep early. I was tired…

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