Thursday, May 30, 2013

Back to Work…

Wednesday morning, I was back at work (sigh). It was Michelle’s birthday. She’s the one who normally gets birthday cards signed, picks up donuts or bagels etc. (you know who I mean, every office has one). So, today she was repaid in kind. Vicky brought in a beautiful tres leche cake and Mexican bread, Don brought in two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts (of course) and her husband had one of those edible arrangements delivered.

I went to Costco at lunch to get some coffee and then swung by Arby’s to get a roast beef sandwich and horse sauce. I ate that at home after treating the cats. Nothing was new on the shed at noon and Rick wasn’t around.

It was hot and humid, but there was enough of a breeze to make it bearable. They predicted a slight chance of rain in the afternoon and, several time, it looked like it would rain.

But, it hadn’t yet by the time I got home, dragged in the garbage can and retrieved the bundle of mail (I had put a hold on it for the past week). So, I quickly changed clothes and cut the front lawn. I tried to avoid stepping on the top soil in the ruts. I got it done and it looked much better.

I wish the back yard had dried out like the front, but there was still standing water on some of the filled-in ruts. I don’t dare try taking the heavy lawn tractor back there.

When I was checking out the back yard, I noticed the shed had been trimmed out during the afternoon. I also noticed my clematis in back had bloomed and my peas and beans had sprouted. So, I took some pictures for you.

Back inside, I made a small salad with some lettuce and sweet onions. Then I microwaved a Marie C. chicken pot pie.

I has just started watching the hockey game when my daughter Melissa called. We talked for a while until Chicago scored their first goal. I was in the living room when I heard that “score” sound, so I walked in the bedroom to see who had gotten a goal. Melissa heard the hockey game noises on her end and, since Dave was watching the game too, knew what I was watching, so she let me go. Thanks, babe!

Well, we lost and are out of the playoffs. But it’s been an interesting, if shortened, season. I celebrated by going to sleep.

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